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Milk Thistle

What is Milk thistle?
Milk Thistle, is a herb also known as Sylibum marianum and it seed flavonoid complex, as silymarin.
It is a plant which is part of the daisy family and grows all over the world, particularly abundantly in North Africa. It has been used medicinally for over 2000 years mostly for hepatic and biliary disorders.
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What does Milk thistle do in the body?

Supports good digestion by stimulating the release of digestive juices and gastro intestinal movements.
Contributes to liver protection and detoxification.
Helps to maintain normal liver function.
Supports the body’s purification and liver detoxification potential
Supports liver health.

Why do I need Milk thistle?
Every biological function and process creates toxins that need to be processed by the liver. Add this to our modern lives which are full of toxins and our livers can fairly quickly become bogged down. From breathing to beauty products and food packaging, all these toxins need to be detoxified.  Sometimes our liver could do with a little extra support and protection. So many health problems start with poor detoxification by the liver, so it is really important that we maintain liver health.

How do I take Milk thistle?

Milk thistle comes in the form of capsules and liquids. It can be used is low dose for maintenance or in therapeutic doses for a detox.   Speak to our qualified nutritionists to find out which product and strength is best for you.

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