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Saw Palmetto

What is Saw Palmetto?
Saw palmetto is a South American palm-like plant with red berries. These berries are both a staple food and medicine traditionally used by Native Americans in the south eastern United State as they grow well in warm climates.

What does Saw Palmetto do in the body?

Saw palmetto has a long history ...Read more of use in supporting the health of the urinary tract.  It is also used to help reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.  It is thought that the plant based chemicals such as the phytosterols, flavonoids, triterpenes and tannins are the supportive ingredients.  Saw palmetto may also inhibit the enzyme called 5-alpha reductase which converts testosterone to DHT.

Why would I take Saw Palmetto?
Saw palmetto can be a helpful supplement for men as they age and is commonly used for support with prostate problems. For example benign prostate hyperplasia (BHP) is a condition where the prostate becomes enlarged and is common in men over 50.   If the prostate becomes enlarged, it then puts pressure on the bladder and urethra. 

This can lead to:
Difficulty starting urination
An increased need to urinate
Not fully emptying the bladder.
How do I take Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto can be bought as dried berries, in capsule or tablet and as a tincture.

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