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Trace Mineral Blends

What are Trace Mineral Blends?
There are 7 macro-minerals that we need to consume as well as many trace minerals. We have probably all heard of the macro-minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, however, the trace minerals such as silica and chromium are infamous necessities. Some of these trace minerals are: boron, chloride, chromium, copper, manganese, ...Read more molybdenum, phosphorus, selenium, silicon and vanadium. Centuries of over farming have left our soils very low in minerals. This reflects on the mineral content of the foods we consume. Add excess pollution to the mix and our busy lifestyles, and very few of us are consuming the quantities of trace minerals that are required by the body for optimum health.

What do Trace Mineral Blends do in the body?
These play an essential role in the body, and without them, we would suffer from a multitude of deficiency symptoms. These trace minerals work in balance with each other, macro minerals and some vitamins making their consumption essential. Although not often discussed.
Trace minerals play a large role in many bodily functions and adequate intake is vital for optimum nutrition.
Trace mineral blends are a better option than single trace minerals for a general support. This is because we need a good level of all of them for optimal health.
Trace mineral blends may be suitable for people who want an all-round mineral support, and those suffering from bad health or malabsorption issues.

How can I take Trace Mineral Blends?
Trace mineral blends come in a verity of forms. Some are liquids that can be added to water, and are well absorbed. Others come in the form of capsules, which can be opened, and others come in the form of tablets. Some are suitable from 3 months old to adults.

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