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Our digestive systems are where we get all of the macro and micronutrients from our food. This complex soup of nutrients provides the “building blocks” of ALL cells in the body, whilst providing the energy to perform ALL bodily functions. Digestion is a complex series of events, beginning with eating, then the whole sequence of processes occurring throughout the digestive system, ...Read more ending with the elimination of wastes. Many of us suffer with symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea. How many of us have been told we have IBS? Are you breaking down your food properly? Do you have adequate digestive enzymes? Are you absorbing all you need to from your food? Do you have enough fibre to help bind toxins and regulate bowel movement? What is the state of your microbiome? All this is important to get right to ensure we’re functioning optimally.

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