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Vitamin Sprays and Liquids

What are Vitamin Sprays and Liquids?
Multivitamins provide an all-round daily dose of vitamins. With the soils not being as nutritious as they used to be, this reflects in our food being less nutritious too. It is essential for health to have a good intake of vitamins, as they play a role in many bodily functions and enzymatic processes. The RDA is set as a ...Read more minimum daily intake and not an optimal daily intake. Multivitamins are not to take place of a good diet, however offer an important addition. Some vitamin supplements come as liquids and sprays. Both multi-blends and single formulas are available. Some of them will come in food form, and may contain concentrated food extract which is easier for your body to utilise than other forms.  

What are the benefits of Vitamin Sprays and Liquids?
Easier than tablets to control the dosage
Easier to split the dose across the day
Good for people who cannot swallow tablets or capsules such as children or the elderly
Are absorbed much quicker than tablets
better absorbed if mal absorption issues are present
May be added to liquids and taken as a drink or placed directly in the mouth

Some single vitamin drops are emulsified. These will be some of the fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E and K).  Emulsification is the process of adding a fat molecule to a non-fat molecule, making the vitamin easier to digest.  Emulsified vitamins may be of benefit to those who have digestion issues. Alternatively non-emulsified vitamins are available. They have fewer ingredients, making them the choice for people who suffer from allergies and intolerances.  

How do I take Vitamin Sprays and Liquids?

Single liquid vitamins often come with a dropper making dosing easy, while multi formulas usually come with a measuring spoon or measuring cup. If you are struggling to get a child to take them from a spoon or out of a cup, your other option is to use an oral syringe.

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