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Brain & Cognition

Optimum brain function is vital for every part of our body, as the brain is our central control system. Most obviously, of course, healthy brain function is vital for keeping our memory and concentration sharp, and for ...Read more maintaining and improving our powers of learning, thinking and reasoning – important for all stages of life! Having a healthy brain is also important for our mood and our ability to cope with stress and the challenges life throws at us.

As for most other body systems, many nutrients are important for good brain and nervous system function. These include B vitamins, vitamin C, and the minerals magnesium and potassium, as well as the omega-3 fat DHA, which is found in oily fish. Eating ‘real’ foods (including oily fish) and avoiding processed and junk foods is a great way to get your brain-supporting nutrients. If you need some extra support, we have many products that can help, including fish oils, multivitamins and B complex supplements.

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