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What are Probiotics or Live Cultures?
Probiotics or live cultures are micro-organisms that live in our bodies. There is a fine balance between beneficial and pathogenic organisms in every one of us. Microorganisms consist of bacteria and fungus.
What do live cultures do in the body?
Microorganisms are found in many parts of ...Read more the body. They are most famous for existing in the gut, but also exist on the skin, in the mouth, nose, ears, lungs, eyes and nearly every part of your body.Microorganisms are found in breast milk and the birth canal. These are put here by the mother’s body so that the sterile baby has a nice dose of organisms on the way into the world.

Why do I need live cultures?
We live in a society where everything is cleaned with anti-bacterial sanitizers. Not only in our cleaning products and our hand and body wash but also in our toothpaste and mouthwash. Add these anti-bacterial agents to the amount of antibiotics currently prescribed by doctors. Antibiotics and antibacterial agents do not discriminate between beneficial and pathogenic bacteria. This may leave us with the problem of not enough bacteria, which then gives opportunistic pathogens such some yeasts, bacteria and parasites to grow in and on our bodies, and sometimes giving us unpleasant symptoms.
Babies born via C-Section miss the opportunity of ingesting organisms through the birth canal and may benefit from having some organisms designed for infants as soon as they are born.
Adults and children may wish to take a course of organisms after antibiotics.

How do I take live cultures?
Supplemental organisms vary as to how you take them. Some are recommended to taken on an empty stomach, and some are recommended to be taken with food. They can come as liquids, capsules powders or creams, and specific strains are more suited for different purposes. Baby strains are specifically for children under 1 year and are strains of organisms that would naturally be transferred by the mother. For administering to babies, powder can be rubbed into the baby’s gums or on the mother’s nipple before breast feeding. Do not add to hot formula milk as this will render the organisms useless. Vaginal creams and passeries are specific strains designed for vaginal use, and oral supplements are specifically designed for reaching the gut, regardless of harsh stomach acid.

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