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If it is size, lean solid muscle and strength gains that you are looking for….WELCOME!

These products are fundamental for anybody wanting to make good quality muscle and strength gains, with a huge selection to pick from you can always contact one of our experts for guidance.
Want Muscle? Take a pick from our range of ...Read more href="">protein shakes
Want Size? Have a look at our high calorie protein and carbohydrate shakes
Want Strength? You have a choice of the industries most advanced Creatines

Want it all? Check out our All-in-One products – everything you need in one product

Still not sure which product goes best with your lifestyle or fitness and exercise goals? Don’t worry; take a look below for a quick description.

Whey Proteins –
An excellent quick digesting protein which is ideal for taking first thing in the morning, before exercise and immediately after exercise. Browse our fantastic whey protein products online.

Protein Blends – The perfect protein choice to take throughout the day. The ‘Whey’ element will start digesting first and then the body will be drip fed protein over 3 – 6 hours depending on the product you pick.

Casein Protein – Often referred to as ‘The Night Time Protein’ because it is digested very slowly by the body and provides protein over 6 – 8 hours, reducing your body’s temptation to breakdown its own protein for energy whilst you are asleep.   

Egg Protein – A medium digesting protein that is ideal for any time of day. It also contains a high level of the muscle promoting amino acid Leucine.

Hemp Protein –
A plant based hemp protein that is packed with essential fatty acids, essential amino acids and other health promoting nutrients not found in other protein sources. It is easy on the digestive system and is best taken before bed or between meals.

Soy Protein - Made popular by vegetarians or those following a vegetarian style diet. Soy Protein is high in muscle preserving Glutamine and recovery promoting Arginine. Like Whey, it is best taken pre and post workout.

Protein and Carbohydrate All in One’s – A shake that contains everything you need in one product. All brands differ but you can find various proteins and carbohydrates, Creatine, HMB, Glutamine, vitamins, minerals and a ZMA complex in the most modest of All-in-One products.

High Calorie Shakes – A product that is massively high in calories for those that really struggle to gain weight, be it through having a fast metabolism or doing extremely demanding physical exercise.  

Meal Replacements –
It is what it says, a meal replacement. If you are trying to manage your weight but don’t trust the decision you will make in the staff canteen then these can be very handy. They have a combination of slow and fast digesting protein, slow digesting carbohydrates, essential fats and vitamins.

Creatine – A well studied and very popular product. Creatine provides energy and improves power for all your explosive movements whether it is lifting a weight, running a 30 meter sprint or throwing a punch in boxing. All you need to do is pick which type you want; Creatine monohydrate is best value for money; Creatine Ethyl Ester reduces the risk of gaining water weight and requires no loading; Kre-Alkalyn gives no bloat, requires no loading and does not cause stomach discomfort.   

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