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Protein Shakes

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A protein shake is a fabulous way to ensure an adequate protein intake that is easy to digest and absorb. Protein is the building block of EVERY cell in the body, and many of us aren’t consuming enough. To have a well-balanced meal or snack it needs to ideally include protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. Protein may help to balance your blood sugar levels, reducing cravings ...Read more and resulting in more consistent energy levels, while keeping you fuller for longer. Those who body build or exercise a lot have a greater need for protein than most, in order to fuel the muscle growth and repair stimulated by exercise. Make sure and have a protein shake within half an hour following any exercise or training. Those who are vegetarian or vegan, may also benefit from supplementing their diet with a protein shake to ensure their protein intake is adequate. They’re also great for those who may find breakfast a challenge, or for individuals with compromised digestion, like those recovering from illness, or the elderly. There are many choices of protein shakes made from whey, pea, rice and soya. Check out our extensive range online and in store. 

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