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Why risk temptation when it’s time to eat? The healthy snacks and shakes on the market are not only amazing value for money but a great convenient source of quality nutrition when you need it most.

Whether you are on a strict fat loss diet, aiming to build muscle or want a small pocket sized energy boost to pick you up before an ...Read more exercise session, we have it all!

Want calorie control? We have a huge selection of low carbohydrate bars and shakes

Want convenience? Try our ready to drink (RTD’s) range

Want a great tasting ‘guilt free’ treat? Browse our ‘dessert’ section for a selection of the tastiest low fat, low carbohydrate cookies, brownies and puddings.

Still not sure which product goes best with your lifestyle or fitness and exercise goals? Don’t worry; take a look below for a quick description.

Energy RTD’s – Need a pick me up during work or before a training session then these are ideal pocket sized energy drinks.

Low Carbohydrate & Diet RTD’s – If you are on a calorie or carbohydrate restricted diet and don’t want to mess around making shakes every morning then these are perfect, no mixing, no mess, great taste!

Meal RTD’s – Building muscle and looking for a mid morning or mid afternoon snack then these meal RTD’s combine protein and carbohydrates to ensure you are fully fuelled.

Energy bars – You could be sat at you office desk wanting a natural Gaurana and Spirilina energy hit or an athlete looking for a bar to sustain performance through a half marathon. What ever type of energy bar you are after, you will find it here.

Low carbohydrate & Diet Bars – Excellent for those on a restricted calorie diet as they not only provide an excellent amount of protein and slow digesting carbohydrates but help satisfy that desire for something sweet.

Meal Bars – If you are not looking to tone up and just want a good source of muscle building nutrients without the high fat and sugar content then these are for you.

Flapjack – Very much like a ‘meal bar’ but in the form of the very popular flapjack.

Cookies, Brownies and Desserts – It doesn’t matter whether you are muscle building or toning, we would all love to treat our taste buds once in a while without worrying about all the hard work we have put into our diet and training being wasted. This selection of cookies, brownies and desserts satisfy your taste buds in the healthiest, tastiest way compared to their full fat, full sugar alternatives.

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