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By ensuring that your recovery is at the forefront of your nutrition and exercise regime you dramatically increase your body’s ability to fully recover, allowing you to train harder a lot sooner.
Want to reduce muscle breakdown? Try our choice of nutrient driving and muscle preserving and building amino acids
Want ...Read more optimum hydration and energy? Our carbohydrate gels and electrolyte replacement products will ensure your performance doesn’t suffer when it matters most.

Want complete recovery? With so much research coming out based on the importance of post exercise nutrition we have made sure you have a choice of the best All-in-One recovery and hydration products.

Still not sure which product goes best with your lifestyle or fitness and exercise goals? Don’t worry; take a look below for a quick description.

L-Glutamine – This vital amino acid is one of the most important building blocks in forming the proteins that maintain cellular health and tissues repair, Glutamine helps support the immune system and muscle breakdown during and post exercise. Glutamine is beneficial for any high intensity or endurance training athlete and is one of the best anti-catabolic ingredients around.

L-Arginine – If you are training intensely then Nitric Oxide inducing products could improve endurance and recovery by dilating blood vessels allowing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle faster.  

Electrolytes – Essential for anybody wanting to stay hydrated, prevent cramp and keep performance and concentration levels high.  

Amino Acids Complex – It is said that to build a house you need a good foundation, Amino Acid Complex’s are exactly that when it comes to your fitness and exercise goals. Whether you choose Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) to help prevent muscle loss or Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) to assist in building new muscle tissue your recovery will be greatly improved and sped up with amino acids pre and post exercise.  

Carbohydrate Gels and Powders – An athlete’s best friend, carbohydrate gels and powders provide you with a quick source of energy to either fuel your training or replenish those fatigued muscle post exercise to help initiate recovery. 

Recovery All-in-One’s – To be taken immediately after exercise and contains quick digesting protein, carbohydrate blends, electrolytes, glutamine and Creatine, all of which help maximise muscle growth and recovery post exercise.

HMB – This is an amino acid that is a metabolite (a by product as a result of digestion) of the muscle building amino acid, Leucine.  Studied for a number of years HMB is now used by athletes and weight trainers to help delay the breakdown of muscle and promote muscle tissue growth.  

Waxy Maize – A hard to beat complex carbohydrate source which is free from sugar and lactose.  Designed to by pass the stomach to prevent discomfort and bloat Waxy Maize shuttles nutrients efficiently and effectively into the muscle and is best taken with a fast acting whey, creatine and amino acids post immediately after exercise.

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