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With so many product on the market, containing so many ingredients, how are you supposed to know which are designed for males and which are suitable for females?!

We want women to feel comfortable and confident that they can get the product they want without the worry of having to ‘take a chance’. Each of the products within our ‘Female Specific’ section have been ...Read more reviewed by our qualified experts and deemed suitable for women from exercise newbie’s to seasoned athletes.   

Want to maximise feminine wellbeing and vitality? From energising multi vitamins to pre and post menopausal support, this entire selection is chosen so that you can feel your very best, what ever stage of life you are at.

Want shakes and tablets that will complement not compromise your female physique? It doesn’t matter if you want to tone up for the beach or fuel up for a marathon; we have a selection of the tastiest shakes for any goal, all of which have been deemed suitable for females by our expert panel.

Still not sure which product goes best with your lifestyle or fitness and exercise goals? Don’t worry; take a look below for a quick description.

Her Multi Vit & Minerals - Your requirement for nutrients depends on various factors, an important one being your gender. Getting your gender specific formula will ensure that your intake of energy giving, health promoting nutrients is balanced according to your needs.

Her Prenatal Vitamins - Whilst eating a well balanced diet is strongly recommended, would be mums are still encouraged to take prenatal vitamins as they provide all the essential nutrients that mothers might not have in their regular diets. Our range of prenatal vitamins are similar to regular multivitamins but formulated with amounts of nutrients specifically catered to the expectant mother.

Her Prenatal Hormone Support - The menopause is a completely natural process but can be an unsettling and difficult time for many women due to the uncontrollable symptom that go alongside it. Some woman choose prescription support called HRT, through their GP, whilst others may wish to choose a more natural route of which there are many.

Her hair, Skin & Nails - Good nutrition is the secret to beautiful hair, nails and skin and depends upon the foods we consume and the nutrients we ingest.  

Female Protein Shakes – Excellent for recovery from exercise, toning and weight management as well as general health. An ideal snack for those conscious of calories and they taste amazing!

Female Weight Gain Shakes – If you are struggling to gain weight or require extra calories to support your cardio sessions and fitness classes then we have selected the finest weight gain shakes with slow digesting carbohydrates, fat burning lipids and high quality protein blends.   

Female Diet Shakes, tablets and powders –
From diet shakes containing great nutrition with added fat burning ingredients to powders that gently encourage the burning of fat for energy there is a full range of female friendly fat burning, appetite suppressing and water reducing products.

Energy & Endurance Drinks, tablets and powders –
It you need a ‘pick me up’ for work or carbohydrate loading for a half marathon then this section provides both energy and endurance suitable for you.  

Recovery Shakes, tablets and powders – When it is muscle recovery you want to promote and muscle soreness you want to avoid you need to make sure you have the right balance of nutrients. There are many post exercise shakes marketed for males , we have ensured that you have the best of the bunch but without any male muscle builders.

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