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What is Zinc?
Zinc is a naturally occurring mineral (technically a metal) that is essential to health. It comes in many forms such as: Zinc picolinate, Zinc ascorbate, Zinc citrate, Zinc sulphate, Zinc gluconate and food state Zinc. Each form of zinc is beneficial for a different reason so it may be best to ask your ...Read more practitioner for a recommendation. Zinc in food state is the best absorbed and bio available, followed by zinc citrate.
Zinc works in balance with copper in the body and is involved in the metabolism of other vital nutrients.

What does Zinc do in the body?
Zinc plays a huge role in the body, and without it many bodily functions would be impaired.

Zinc contributes to normal: Fertility, DNA synthesis and cell division. This makes it an essential nutrient for preparing for pregnancy in both men and women.- Normal blood testosterone levels. Important for both men and women.- Immunity and protection of cells from oxidative stress. Many people take extra zinc during illnesses.- Normal skin, hair, nails and bones.- Metabolism of carbohydrates, fatty acids and vitamin A.- Vision and cognitive function.- Protein synthesis.
This is just some of the reasons that we need a good level of zinc.

Why do I need Zinc?
Over farming in the last couple of hundred years has led to ever decreasing zinc levels in our soils, meaning that our foods are also decreasing in Zinc.Ensuring adequate zinc levels is tough. In fact, one third of the population struggle to meet the RDA which is 10mg. Most zinc content is removed in the refining process and is not replaced. If we add in physical and mental stress and pressure, our requirement increases making it even harder to fulfil our daily needs. Consuming a therapeutic dose through food is even tougher, which is where you may benefit from a supplement.

How can I take Zinc?
You can take zinc in tablets capsules and liquids. The liquids can be added to water or taken sublingually where they bypass the digestive tract.

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