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Herbal medicine has been the major source of medicine for thousands of years, as plant knowledge has been passed down through the ages. The World Health Organisation estimates that a huge 80% of the population, specifically in Asia and Africa, still use herbal medicine as their primary healthcare source. Herbal medicines can be used for a variety of health conditions, and may be ...Read more consumed either as a capsule or tablet, as a liquid tincture or as a tea. There are many advantages to using herbal medicine – most herbal medicines are well tolerated, with few side effects and are able to be taken long-term, for a relatively low cost. Do be aware though that many medications were originally made from herbal medicine, so it is wise to treat herbs with respect and ensure there are no contra-indications regarding specific conditions you may have or medications you are currently taken. If in doubt call our Technical Nutritionist Helpline.


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