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Alpha Lipoic Acid

What is Alpha-Lipoic acid?
An acid that is made naturally in the body. It is also naturally found in spinach, broccoli and yeast.

What does Alpha-Lipoic acid do in the body?
It helps to mop up free radicals within the body. It is also a co-factor in the energy production cycle. A pre-curser to glutathione, which is made in ...Read more the body and is essential to health.

Alpha-Lipoic acid is often included in supplements that are designed to help with blood sugar balance and insulin sensitivity.

Lots of research is being done investigating its effects on blood sugar sensitivity.

Why do I need Alpha-Lipoic acid?
Our current typical western diets combined with the over intensive farming methods have left our soils depleted of vital nutrients. This then leads to lower nutritional quality of our foods and has a negative impact on health. Although supplementation is not a replacement for a good diet, it can certainly help us greatly on our heath journey.

How do I take Alpha-Lipoic acid?
Alpha-Lipoic acid should be taken 60 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. Alpha-Lipoic acid may compete with Biotin for absorption, so if supplementing with both, it is better to take them separately.

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