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What is Arginine?
Arginine, also known as 2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic acid is an amino acid. It is known as a conditionally essential amino acid because your body can produce it, however under certain circumstances we lose the ability to produce it and must consume it in food, or supplemental form. It is found in meat, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds and some ...Read more other plant proteins.

What does Arginine do in the body?

Arginine is converted in the body into Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide causes blood vessels to expand for improved blood flow. Arginine also stimulates the release of Human Growth Hormone, insulin and other substances in the body.

Athletes use Arginine because of its stimulatory effect on Human Growth Hormone.

Why do I need Arginine?
People wishing to improve blood flow may need to increase Nitric Oxide within the body. Arginine is required for the production of Nitric Oxide.

Symptoms of Arginine deficiency are; poor wound healing, hair loss, skin rash, constipation and a fatty liver.

How do I take Arginine?
Arginine is available in a capsule. If you want to use Arginine as a therapeutic agent, it is best to take it on an empty stomach with a carbohydrate snack such as a piece of fruit. Proteins which are broken down into amino acids compete for absorption with each other, so taking it away from protein allows your body to utilise more Arginine.

Dosage range from 500mg-3000mg

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