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Did you know that the body has more calcium in it than any other mineral and is essential for our body to function properly?  More than 99% of our calcium is found in our bones and teeth.  It’s also found in small amount in our blood, extracellular fluid, muscle and other tissues.

Most of us know that calcium is found in dairy but other good sources are ...Read more almonds, broccoli and other green leafy vegetables, molasses, sardines, soybeans and turnips.

What does 
Calcium do in the body?
Calcium has many functions in the body.  It’s needed for
-    Normal cell division
-    Normal function of digestive enzymes
-    Normal energy
-    Normal muscle function
-    Normal neurotransmission
-    Normal growth and development of bones in children
-    Normal maintenance of teeth

Common reasons for taking calcium supplement include maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Helping energy levels, supporting healthy parathyroid function and for healthy digestion.
If you are taking calcium for bone health, it’s important to also take magnesium and vitamin D alongside this as these help with the absorption and utilisation of calcium.

How can I take Calcium?
A cheaper form of calcium found in some supplements is calcium carbonate however this isn’t always well absorbed and can cause an upset tummy for some.  More absorbable forms include citrate, citrate malate, bisglycinate and chelated calcium. 

Calcium is generally found in capsule or tablet form, it can be found in a chewable form, as a powder or rarely in a liquid.  

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