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Flower Essences

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What are Flower Remedies and Essences?
Flower Remedies and essences are very gentle natural remedies that are based on ancient traditions of using flowers and plants as a system of healing. There are many types of flower essences  around the world. The ranges the NutriCentre keep include the Bach Flower Essences and a selection of the Australian Bush ...Read more Flower Essences.

How do Flower Remedies and Essences Work in the Body?
The Bach Flower Essences are probably the most well-known flower essences. Thirty eight different flower remedies were created by Dr Bach to help support our emotional state. Dr Bach believed that the root causes of physical health problems were related to our emotional responses. Flower essences are classed as a form of Vibrational Medicine, and may help to bring about emotional balance in a very gentle way.

The Australian Bush Flower remedies were created by Ian White, though the Australian Aboriginals created and have used flower essences throughout their ancient history. There are 69 remedies in total, each relating to a different emotional imbalance. Combinations have been created which are very popular and helpful in specific situations, for example “Confid”, “Emergency” and “Calm & Clear”.

How Do I take Flower Essences?
Flower Essences are so gentle that anyone can take them. There are no contraindications, no fear of overdosing or addiction. They may be used in conjunction with, and to complement any other form of medicine. They are safe of everyone including children, pregnancy and breast-feeding, the elderly, animals and even plants! The essence “stock remedy” that you may purchase will be in an alcohol base. This is present to preserve the remedy. For each dose you only need either 4 drops of the Bach Flower remedies or 7 drops of the Australian Bush Flowers. If you have any questions about the alcohol content or for how to give it to a child for example, give the Nutritionists a call for more advice. Flower Remedies and Essences can be taken orally or put into the bath, or added to a cream – there are lots of options.

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