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What is garlic?
Garlic is a bulb plant that grows in many parts of the world including Europe and Asia. Garlic is in the same family as onions, shallots, leeks and chive. These are all part of the Allium family. It is used for both culinary and traditional medicinal uses. It has been used for thousands of years.

What does garlic do in ...Read more the body?
May help to maintain the body’s natural defence mechanisms
May help to maintain healthy function of the respiratory system
May contribute to the normal microbial balance in the gut
May contribute to the maintenance of normal heart health and cholesterol levels

Why do I need garlic?
Garlic is an easy to use herb and easy to get hold of. During illness and in times of infection, garlic is an appropriate herb to take to help support your immune system. We all need some support at times in our lives. Infections in the gut are very common such as bacterial overgrowth, yeasts and parasites. Using garlic may help you get back on tract of a healthy gut microflora.

Respiratory tract infections and conditions are common in the winter. Sufferers may benefit from taking a garlic supplement for support.

How do I take garlic?
Garlic can be taken freshly diced, powdered, and liquid or as garlic oil. For less social exclusion, some garlic supplements are odourless. Garlic is also sometimes in complexes along with other botanical substances.
If you are using garlic as an antimicrobial, you will need to start off with a small dose and build it up gradually. Sometimes when we have an overgrowth of pathogenic organisms in our gut and we take anti-microbial agents, they can die too quickly and they can release toxins into the body. If this happens too quickly, our bodies can struggle to cope and we may have some unpleasant symptoms. So ensure that you build up your garlic dosage slowly.

Speak to our nutritionist team if you are taking any medication or are expecting an operation or hospital visit in the near future, as you may need to stop your garlic intake temporarily.

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