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As winter starts to set in and the temperature dips, many of us begin to crave warming foods. Try adding the following spices to soups, stews or smoothies, or using them to make flavourful teas – they are a great way to warm up your body ... Read more


Can protein help you get into that little black dress?

We all want to look fabulous for the upcoming party season. But the cold, dreary days can often have us reaching for carbohydrate-rich comfort foods and sugary treats, which start to pile on the pounds even before the festivities begin. To ... Read more


How to keep healthy in the lead up to Christmas

The lead up to Christmas can be full of fun with presents to buy, food to relish and Christmas parties to enjoy. In all that excitement it can be hard to find the time (and inclination) to keep healthy. Here we talk about some common problems ... Read more

Nutritional food label

Reading food labels: A Nutritionist’s Guide

When you’re shopping, how much attention do you pay to food labels? If you eat mainly whole foods and make all your meals from scratch, then you know what goes into your food. But processed and packaged foods – which include ready meals, ... Read more


Top ten uses for healthy oils

As you probably know, not all fats and oils are bad – in fact, some are very beneficial for our health. Cold-pressed flaxseed, chia, hemp and pumpkin seed oils are great ways to get your essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Coconut oil is ... Read more


Go barmy for Brussels sprouts!

Why we should all love them… Boring? Bland? Bitter? Brussels sprouts often attract this type of criticism, despite being a standard fixture of the traditional Christmas dinner. Some people will never be converted to Brussels sprouts (a true ... Read more


Future Webcasts

On Wednesday evenings there are free talks in the NutriCentre Bookshop from 7pm to 8.30 pm (approx).  No need to book!   Just bring yourself (and a friend) along! The NutriCentre Bookshop, 7 Park Crescent, London W1B ... Read more


It’s National Vitamin D Awareness Week!

It’s vitamin D awareness week from 20th oct – 26th oct this year,  at a key time of the year when the days really do get shorter, and many of us should be shifting our attention to the significance of vitamin D for good ... Read more


NutriCentre at the CAM Show 2014!

Last weekend, London Olympia opened its doors to thousands of practitioners, therapists and healthcare professionals. NutriCentre were among the crowds and here is our roundup of the CAM Show, “the best show to meet everyone in the ... Read more


Giving up alcohol or cigarettes for Stoptober?

Are you taking part in Octobers Stoptober? A 28 day challenge encouraging you to give up either cigarettes or alcohol. If so, you may be finding it hard to stick to your plan at the moment. Here we talk about what you can do to help yourself ... Read more