Are You Taking Care Of Your Heart?

NATIONAL HEART MONTH: Cardiovascular Disease is one of the biggest health issues in the Western World. Increasing numbers of people are suffering with high blood pressure; high cholesterol levels, atherosclerosis, heart problems and stroke ... Read more


NutriCentre Academy Awards – stars of the nutrition world!

The awards season is here, and we’re excited … but not about the films! We’d like to give our own awards to the stars of the nutrition world: wonderful foods, nutrients, botanicals and new products that can help to keep us healthy ... Read more


Time for Pancakes as it’s Shrove Tuesday!

Shrove Tuesday (17th February 2015) falls on the day before Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. Lent is a time during the Christian calendar, of abstinence, of giving things up, lasting for 40 days from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday.  Shrove ... Read more


Raw chocolate – What is cacao powder?

Some historians think that the cacao bean plant has been cultivated for around 3,000 years in South America. Since then over time, right across the world, we have been having a never-ending romance with this delicious brown powder. Many people ... Read more


How to Spice up Valentine’s Day Naturally

Valentine’s Day is a special day where you may want to increase the romance and sensuality between you and your loved one. Modern day life, with its stresses, worries and exhaustion may depress our mood, limit our energy levels and ... Read more


The many roles of vitamin D

Known as the ‘sunshine vitamin‘, vitamin D is made in our body through the action of sunlight on our skin. You are probably aware that vitamin D is needed for healthy and strong bones and teeth. But it has several other important ... Read more


Seven super winter vegetables

Do you eat with the seasons? At warmer times of year, watery, light vegetables and fruits such as cucumber, tomatoes, watermelon and strawberries can be excellent to cool you down and hydrate your body. But in winter, we do better on denser ... Read more


Surviving the winter blues

Feeling blue? With the lack of sunlight and short days, many of us feel less than cheery over the winter. Here are our top tips for staying in good spirits through the cold season. 1. Eat whole foods – and avoid refined, sugary or junk ... Read more


Back pain – what else can we do?

Back pain is a common problem that many of us will experience at some point in our lives. It can have several causes, but often no specific cause is identified, and we’re just told to go away and take painkillers. But what else can we ... Read more


Top tips for managing stress

Most of us struggle with stress at times. Major sources of stress in our lives may include work, family, partner (or relationship breakdown), money worries, illness, loss of someone close to us, or even just the daily commute. It can have a ... Read more