The positive benefits of magnesium for sport

Magnesium is a mineral found in almonds, cashew nuts, molasses, kelp, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, soy, lima beans and cocoa. Many people have heard of magnesium, however not many people realise how important it is. Magnesium works with ... Read more


Juice cleanses

A juice cleanse can be an excellent way to give the digestive system and liver a rest. Nowadays, food is so easily available that most of us eat every few hours and snack or ‘graze’ between meals. This means that the digestive system and ... Read more


Pre-event eating

Getting your pre-event eating right, is essential for optimal sports performance.  The quality and timing of your pre-workout meal will have a big effect on how quickly you fatigue, your performance and will set you up mentally for the event. ... Read more



What is a food intolerance? A food intolerance is a reaction to a specific food that can cause unpleasant symptoms for the individual. Food intolerances are sometimes called food allergies, but the two terms mean different things. An allergy is ... Read more

woman sneezing

How to Avoid & Survive the Dreaded Summer Cold

You would think that the summer months would be free from colds or flu, but no, they can happen any time of year, especially if you’re run-down or under a lot of stress, as this may make you more susceptible to infection. Here’s some advice ... Read more


The Pegan Diet

What is the pegan diet? The ‘pegan’ diet is basically a combination of a vegan diet and a paleo diet. Like both of these, it is not intended to be a weight loss diet, but a healthy eating plan that supports long-term optimal health and ... Read more

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Beating jet lag naturally

Travelling to new places and countries can be interesting an exciting. However the feeling and anticipation of fun associated with holidays and adventures, is often mixed with the less than fun knowledge that you will be unable to avoid a ... Read more

Grilling at summer weekend

Summer barbeque recipes – with a twist!

We love barbeques. We also love coconut, especially coconut oil for its healthy properties and its delicious taste. But we bet you never thought of putting the two together. Add a tropical twist to your barbeque this summer with these recipes ... Read more

Healthy Quiz

Are you running the London marathon this year?

Here are some top nutrition tips to help you perform at your best. 1. Hydration is Key to Success. From the start of your training you should now be accustomed to drinking water in small amounts throughout the day and taking water with you on ... Read more


Excellent Easter Eggs!

Coming up to Easter we are bombarded with images of Easter Eggs and bunnies, lambs and baby chicks. The word Easter comes from the Pagan word ‘Eostre’, who is the goddess that represents new life and the growing sun of spring. The Easter ... Read more