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Future Webcasts

On Wednesday evenings there are free talks in the NutriCentre Bookshop from 7pm to 8.30 pm (approx).  No need to book!   Just bring yourself (and a friend) along! The NutriCentre Bookshop, 7 Park Crescent, London W1B ... Read more


It’s National Vitamin D Awareness Week!

It’s vitamin D awareness week from 20th oct – 26th oct this year,  at a key time of the year when the days really do get shorter, and many of us should be shifting our attention to the significance of vitamin D for good ... Read more


NutriCentre at the CAM Show 2014!

Last weekend, London Olympia opened its doors to thousands of practitioners, therapists and healthcare professionals. NutriCentre were among the crowds and here is our roundup of the CAM Show, “the best show to meet everyone in the ... Read more


Giving up alcohol or cigarettes for Stoptober?

Are you taking part in Octobers Stoptober? A 28 day challenge encouraging you to give up either cigarettes or alcohol. If so, you may be finding it hard to stick to your plan at the moment. Here we talk about what you can do to help yourself ... Read more


Top Autumn Foods

It is autumn now and time to embrace more nourishing and nurturing foods as we go into the colder months. Eating foods when in season means that you’ll be eating the way nature intended it. Summer fruits and vegetables tend to contain ... Read more

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Coughs, colds and flu advice

As summer ends and autumn is upon us, so is the start of the cold and flu season.  Symptoms of flu can include fever, cough, headache, weakness and fatigue, aching muscles and joints, sore throat and a runny nose, so it’s a really ... Read more


Amazing avocados

The avocado – is it a fruit or a vegetable? Well, it’s classified as a fruit, because it is the seed-bearing part of a plant rather than any other part such as the stalk, root, or leaf. However, we tend to use it like a vegetable in savoury ... Read more

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Back to school: Children’s supplements

As well as thinking about your child’s breakfasts, you may also wish to help children on their way with a few well-chosen supplements. A good kids’ multivitamin and mineral can help with energy levels and may be a good choice if a child ... Read more


Back to school: Healthy food ideas

When our kids go back to school, we want them to be in the best of health, full of energy and able to resist all those bugs that can go around! A great first step towards this is to ensure they are eating good healthy food. Start by giving ... Read more


Antioxidants – what’s the hype?

Everyone’s talking about antioxidants! They are one of the main reasons we should eat lots of vegetables and fruit, and the basis for the particular health benefits of blueberries and other dark-coloured berries. But what exactly are ... Read more