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Natural products and supplements for travelling

Travelling abroad can be an amazing experience, full of good times and good memories. But it can also be challenging to the body and to our health in general. Here are a few supplements and natural skincare products that could help you to stay ... Read more

Tips to increase your vegetable intake

We’re constantly being told that we need to increase our fruit and vegetable intake for those all important nutrients in our diet, but it’s not always easy to do in busy everyday lives. Here are our expert nutritionalists top 10 ... Read more


Foods for Spring Beauty

Many people don’t make a link between the foods they eat and their skin. But like any other part of the body, our skin is kept healthy by the food and nutrients that we consume. So while a poor diet can quickly lead to sallow or dry skin, ... Read more

Dark chocolate

Healthy Easter options and alternatives

Easter can be a time of over-indulgence, with chocolate eggs, sugary treats and other rich foods tempting us day in, day out. But we can celebrate Easter without the overload. Here are some tips for a healthier Easter. Easter meal The ... Read more


Nutrition advice for the London Marathon

Congratulations!  You’ve made the decision to run in the London marathon, got a place and started training. Now you want to make sure that you will be at your healthiest for the big day. You will also need to know how to help make your body ... Read more

Fruit and veg

Double your daily fruit and veg portions

Following today’s news that the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables is now no longer five-a-day and instead 10-a-day, are you worried about not eating enough? An easy way to make sure you are adding more of these goodies ... Read more

healthy snacks

When and why should I snack?

Snacks and Snacking Snacking is important when there may be a lengthy time between meals, for example between lunch and dinner. Those who have a very fast metabolism or who are very active in their job or who exercise a lot will need to snack ... Read more

Energy smoothie

Dale Pinnock’s Energiser Shake

It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting your routine with a good balanced food intake will help to support your metabolism, ‘break the fast’ that your body has experienced during the ... Read more

Dale Pinnock

Dale Pinnock’s tips for a better nights sleep

There are so many lifestyle factors that can affect how we sleep that it’s often not possible to address each and every one, but in this video from Medicinal Chef, Dale Pinnock, he looks at a few things that you can do to get a better ... Read more

Dale Pinnock's Mega Matcha Smoothie

Dale Pinnock’s Mega Matcha Smoothie

Medicinal chef, Dale Pinnock shows us how to create his Mega Matcha Smoothie recipe, perfect as a fresh snack, breakfast drink or pre / post exercise. Matcha is a powdered green tea packed full of concentrated antioxidants believed to have many ... Read more