Wheat-Free Diet

On a wheat-free diet, you will need to avoid most commercially-available breads, pastas, cakes, pastries, etc. as most of these are made from wheat. However, you can still eat many other grains and healthy food products made from them, ... Read more


National Organic Awareness Month

September is National Organic Awareness month. With organic food gaining popularity in shops and markets, have you wondered what the deal was? Value for money On average, organic fruit and vegetables are 10% more expensive than non-organic ... Read more


Back to School: Keeping your Kids Happy and Healthy

It’s that time of year again: children are starting their new school year – and some, of course, are going to school for the first time. It can be a demanding time for their health – both physical, with exposure to more germs – and ... Read more


Senior citizens day-Brain health

The first of October 2015, the UK will be celebrating National Senior citizen’s day. This is a perfect chance to look at some of the health issues that are more prevalent among senior citizens such as brain health. Water and hydrating ... Read more


Star Fish-Oils !

Babi Chana BSc (HONS) BSc Nut.Med BANT. CHNC  Fish Oils play a starring role in health from head to toe and cradle to grave. This year, omega-3 Fatty Acids won the “Best Lead Role in the Nutricentre Academy Awards”. Omega-3 fats are ... Read more


Entomophagy -The benefits of eating insects!

Entomophagy means the ingestion of insects. Before you turn your nose up, consider that 2 billion people worldwide consume over 1000 species of insects as part of their regular diet, and it is considered normal! We unintentionally ingest a ... Read more


The power of avocados

The humble avocado, nutritional powerhouse and all round delicious fruit (yes that’s right it’s a fruit) has recently come back into fashion. You can’t walk past a trendy café without seeing smashed avocado on toast on the brunch menu. ... Read more


Bullet proof coffee

Bullet proof coffee is stealing the spot light recently in the press. It tells tales of how it’s supposed to provide you more energy, trigger fat loss and keep you feeling full. Let’s investigate further. Ingredients: 2 cups of coffee, 2 ... Read more


Why is everyone talking about pears?

Why is everyone talking about pears? Pears have recently received a lot of attention in the media, even being called the new ‘superfood’. So let’s take a deeper look at nature’s gift. • Fibre. Pears are high in fibre. In fact, each ... Read more

freeze-dried organic wheat grass powder

Superfood powders – simple to use and big on health benefits.

Beetroot is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables and is a great source of folic acid, manganese, iron, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.  Beetroot powder contains an ingredient called betalain, which is not only a powerful antioxidant ... Read more