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Get in tune … with prunes

You’ve probably been told to eat prunes or drink prune juice when you’re feeling a bit ‘bunged up’. Prunes have a reputation for relieving constipation, and this is a great reason to eat them! But this has also given ... Read more

christmas dinner

What’s on your Christmas Plate? Analysing the traditional Christmas Dinner

Are there healthier ways to eat this special annual meal? Is there anything you could avoid or swap to make it healthier while still enjoying yourself? Sometimes it’s also just a case of making healthier food taste better! 1. Brussel sprouts ... Read more


Why you should eat your beets… the wonders of beetroot

With its brilliant colour and delicious earthy taste, there’s plenty to like about beetroot. But did you know it also has some very special nutritional benefits too? Here’s why we should all be eating more beetroot, followed by some ideas ... Read more

Christmas Party

How to Drink Sensibly this Holiday Season & Avoid a Hangover!

As a special gift our Nutritionists have written a piece on how to drink sensibly this holiday season and avoid a hangover! You’re welcome… Christmas is a time of endless social events and parties. But when the fun involves ... Read more


Eight foods to aid digestion

Are you feeling bloated, bunged up or suffering from indigestion? Here are our top foods that you should be eating to give your digestive system some natural TLC. Ginger The humble ginger root has long history of use for supporting digestion. ... Read more


Alcohol – What’s in Your Glass?

We’re fast approaching the Christmas and New Year party season, which will often include plenty of alcohol consumption. Aside from this, many of us may enjoy a glass of wine or a beer out with friends on the weekend. This may also creep into ... Read more


Warm up with winter spices

As winter starts to set in and the temperature dips, many of us begin to crave warming foods. Try adding the following spices to soups, stews or smoothies, or using them to make flavourful teas – they are a great way to warm up your body ... Read more


Can protein help you get into that little black dress?

We all want to look fabulous for the upcoming party season. But the cold, dreary days can often have us reaching for carbohydrate-rich comfort foods and sugary treats, which start to pile on the pounds even before the festivities begin. To ... Read more


How to keep healthy in the lead up to Christmas

The lead up to Christmas can be full of fun with presents to buy, food to relish and Christmas parties to enjoy. In all that excitement it can be hard to find the time (and inclination) to keep healthy. Here we talk about some common problems ... Read more

Nutritional food label

Reading food labels: A Nutritionist’s Guide

When you’re shopping, how much attention do you pay to food labels? If you eat mainly whole foods and make all your meals from scratch, then you know what goes into your food. But processed and packaged foods – which include ready meals, ... Read more