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Chlorella (500mg)


Quantity: 90 Tablets

Supplier: Xynergy


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THE DETOXING SUPER SUPPLEMENT - Optimum Source Chlorella is 100% pure Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (Micro-Algae,) and contains no tableting agents. Chlorella is nature’s richest whole food source of chlorophyll, a powerful cleanser and detoxifier for the body. This ‘cracked cell’ Chlorella allows high absorption of the antioxidants, carotenoids, RNA and DNA nucleic acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients it contains. Chlorella is known for aiding the body in the breakdown of heavy metals and other toxins including PCBs, DDT, mercury, cadmium and lead. Cracked cell Chlorella improves absorption of polysaccharides which are the long-chain sugars thought by nutritionists and medical scientists to have healing properties.

To commence, take 2 tablets daily and increase gradually to 6 daily. Take in one go or 2 tablets 3 times daily before meals.

100% pure Chlorella Pyrenoidosa

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