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Jasmine Abs


Quantity: 2.5ml Oil

Supplier: Natural By Nature


Number In Stock:9
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Female Health Blend : Jasmine 5 drops/Geranium 3 drops/Marjoram 2 drops.

SKIN - Good for dry, sensitive skin, especially when there is redness. Jasmine also increases skin elasticity.

Skin Blend: Jasmine 3 drops/Lavender 2 drops/Chamomile Roman 2 drops.

EMOTION - Dispels apathy, indifference and listlessness, producing feelings of optimism, confidence and euphoria. It releases inhibitions, liberates imagination and is exhilerating. Jasmine powerfully provokes fantasies, lifting the darkest moods and bringing out inner desires. Jasmine is a known aphrodisiac.

Emotion Blend: Jasmine 4 drops/Mandarin 4 drops/Sanalwood 3 drops.

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