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Quantity: 50ml Liquid 

Supplier: Healthy And Essential


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SafeCleanse unique PA Dispersion Technology allows high levels of alcohol to be combined with efficient moisturising ingredients. PA Dispersion Technology gives SafeCleanse a more pleasant feel than conventional gels.

SafeCleanse is an oil-in-water dispersion in which the water phase contains 61% ethyl alcohol and 0.1% triclosan. SafeCleanse takes the form of a topical gel used to kill bacterial, yeasts, fungi and viruses on the skin, especially the hands and is designed specifically for effectiveness and for frequent use without discomfort. SafeCleanse contains an added bacteriostat (triclosan) which prevents the unwanted re-growth of pathogens between applications.

SafeCleanse Compliance

EN 1500 - Hand disinfection according to the European Standard (hygienic handrub) : a study of effective activity with Gram-negative and Gram-positive test organisms

EN 1276 - Tests whether the product is effective under 'clean' and 'dirty' conditions on suspensions of organisms in the laboratory

EN 1275 - Test whether the product kills specified yeasts in a given time.

E 1052-96 - Evaluates the effectiveness of the product against specific viruses.

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