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Chlorella Powder Organic

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Make Chlorella part of your natural, wholefood diet and you will feel the difference in no time. Synergy Natural Organic Chorella is a powerful super supplement containing a wide array of nutrients in a balanced, easily absorbed form.

Benefits of Chlorella

Contains a natural antibiotic, effective against some harmful bacteria but harmless to healthy bacteria
Supports the immune system
Removes most heavy metals safely from the body including mercury. The Chlorella outer cell chelates or binds with the toxic metal and carries it safely out of the body.
Can help improve mental clarity, aiding concentration and focus
Chlorella is a microscopic freshwater plant that packs the highest form of chlorophyll, the substance scientists believe greatly assists with cellular metabolism and general detoxification. It also happens to be one of the most scientifically researched foods in history particularly in connection with the US space programme.

This Synergy Natural Organic variety is grown outdoors and gently processed by cracking the cell walls to ensure it can be absorbed easily. Just mix with water or juice. Order some today and discover how it can improve your well-being.

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