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Argan Oil Hair Treatment


Quantity: 100ml Oil 

Supplier: Moroccan Natural


Number In Stock:6
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Argan Oil is a wonderful all round treat for hair, just look at the success of ‘Moroccan Oil’! the hair product that is taking the hairdressing industry by storm. What Moroccan Natural is offering is the real ‘Moroccan Oil’ blended with the time proven natural ingredients that have been blended together for maximum effect. Many people who have used cedarwood oil for hair, have experienced considerable reduction in hair fall, and premature greying of hair. Because rosemary stimulates and improves circulation throughout the body, it increases the blood supply to the scalp. Rosemary cleans hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Use it once a week to obtain a thick, clean hair and scalp .Lavender oil, one of the best aromatherapy oils is known to be very effective in treating the problem of hair loss. Regular usage is helpful in controlling hair fall and improving hair growth. Sea buckthorn oil is a natural way of encouraging hair growth. Extremely rich in nutrients and proteins, the oil nourishes the scalp and is believed to stimulate hair growth, as well.

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