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The Wonder of Probiotics

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Restore Your Health and Rejuvenate Your Life. Pathogens and toxins found in our environment and the foods we eat can cause myriad health problems including digestive disorders, yeast infections, allergies, urinary tract infections, dental problems and some cancers. Probiotics—“friendly” bacteria—are the cornerstone of any successful health program because they restore a healthy balance between friendly and “bad” bacteria in the intestinal tract, a balance that is critical for the health of the entire body. This groundbreaking book reveals how taking the right probiotics—in the form of food and supplements—as part of a daily revitalizing program for overall health or for specific health conditions -- can restore that crucial balance. This remarkably easy to follow nutrition program will energize, and rejuvenate as well as: * Improve the health of your GI tract * Alleviate allergies and asthma * Restore your reproductive and urinary tracts * Bolster the immune system against disease * Enhance weight loss * Fight aging. Making probiotics a part of your daily routine will allow anyone to live a healthier, fuller, more vibrant life.

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