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The Probiotic Solution

SKU: 9780938045755BK

Quantity: 1 Paperback 

Supplier: Mark A. Brudnak

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Dr. Mark Brudnak states, 'Disease begins from an imbalance in the body.' Good health is a dance on the tightrope of balance. Lose your balance for long enough and you plunge toward crisis - if not death. Find and maintain balance and you can enjoy the fruits of a happy, healthy life. It's the law of nature. The Probiotic Solution shows you how to fight back. Just as firefighters use fire to fight fire, you can use good bacteria to fight bad. Those good bacteria are known as probiotics and exist naturally in the human body. Probiotics are your friend and your weapon, your key to good health and your counter-balance against the destructive forces undermining your health.

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