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Bee Prepared Daily Defense


Quantity: 30 Capsules 

Supplier: Unbeelievable


Number In Stock:13
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Bee Prepared Daily Defence immune support combines therapeutic amounts of high quality immune boosting nutrients, all of which have a proven history of benefits and are unique in that they are not often found in a regular diet or multivitamin.

Bee Prepared Daily Defence may be taken daily or as needed- for colds and flu, during allergy season, before and during travel or detoxing, during intense fitness or sports training, when run down or when recovering from a serious illness. BP Daily Defense contains bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf, acerola cherry and beta glucans and is suitable for the whole family to help in supporting the body's natural defences year round.

Capsules may be opened into yogurt or smoothies for children or those who are unable to swallow tablets. None of the ingredients over stimulate the immune system as some immune boosting nutrients can so it is suitable to take daily if desired.

•    Vegetarian Society Approved
•    Made in the UK from high quality EU sourced ingredients
•    Multi award winning
•    Formulated by nutritionists
•    Nothing artificial & no GMOs

A healthy immune system helps:

•    Fight colds & flu
•    Reduce hay fever symptoms
•    Keep illness at bay whilst traveling
•    Clear toxins faster when detoxing & dieting
•    Decrease breakouts and eczema
•    Muscle recovery after sports & fitness training
•    Reduce hangover symptoms
•    Manage inflammation

Unbeelievable Health Ltd, maker of Bee Prepared immune support, is passionate about helping save the bees and donates a portion of proceeds to bee causes. Using ethically sourced products made with quality bee ingredients, such as bee propolis, helps support the sustainability of  bee colonies by encouraging more people to keep bees, which is crucial to their survival.

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