Hands & feet

Hands and feet are often neglected in your beauty routine. Our hands and feet get used a lot and are exposed to the elements. Hands are constantly exposed to the environment, and factors such as the wind, the heating and frequent hand washing can take its toll. Our hands are also exposed to a lot of chemicals, both synthetic and natural, and we need to protect them. Our feet also take a hammering. We are on them all day, sometimes in shoes which are not great for their health, and when we go bare foot, they are exposed to a huge number of pathogens and exterior agents. Appling creams can keep your hands and feet both supple and moisturised, as well as heling to protect them from external agents.

Our hands and feet contain a lot of nerve endings which are responsive to touch and reflexology. Many people find that even just massaging the hands and feet provide great benefits. Because of these nerve endings, feet especially are a great way to detoxify. We provide books and kits which allow you to easily identify reflexology points in the hands and feet, as well as massage guides. Also available are foot detox patches which are applied to the feet at night.

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