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Babies have such delicate and sensitive skins which therefore require a range of products as suitable as possible to them. In other words, baby care products which have the least amount of harmful and unnecessary chemicals would be preferred and ideal. Organic nappy rash creams provide a nourishing and protective barrier which can help to prevent soreness and reduce occasional redness.

Amongst our other products you will find organic baby shampoos, after-sun lotions, moisturisers, natural baby washes and baby oils. The latter can be incredibly useful especially in cases of cradle crap. Products are also often scent free and eczema friendly.

And let’s not forget the Mother! During pregnancy there are numerous luscious body oils that you can massage into your skin, especially your growing belly, to help reduce the likelihood of stretch marks, improve skin elasticity, and also bond more with your baby.

You also don’t want to add any toxins to your body whilst pregnant, so it is ideal to avoid the use of all chemical-laden personal care products especially at this time. There are plenty of choices across the range including soaps and body washes, shampoos, conditioners and treatment oils, plus deodorants and toothpastes.

Do note though that during pregnancy, there are some essential oils that should be avoided!

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