Boost Oral Spray (B12) (25ml Liquid)

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Boost Oral Spray (B12) (25ml Liquid)


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  • Brand: Better You
  • Size: 25ml
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Recommended by Our Nutritionists

If you are feeling tired or low in energy think about getting a vitamin B12 test done by your doctor and/or trying a good B12 supplement. Lack of vitamin B12 can cause tiredness and a form of anaemia as the vitamin is needed to make healthy red blood cells which supply oxygen to the body’s tissues.  Deficiency in B12 can be particularly common amongst vegetarians and vegans as the main food sources are meat and seafood.  Even for someone who eats meat B12 can be quite difficult to absorb especially if stomach acid levels are low which can be the case in older adults in particular.

If you want to try a B12 supplement Better You “B12 Boost” is a great option. It is a pleasant-tasting sublingual spray providing vitamin B12 in an easy-to-absorb form.  (As it is sublingual some of the B12 should be absorbed directly into the body getting around the problem of absorption of ‘standard’ B12 supplements as capsules or tablets.)  Moreover whereas many B12 supplements are in the form of cyanocobalamin – a synthetic form of B12 – this B12 is in the form of methylcobalamin a natural form of B12 that is produced in the body and may be better utilized and more effective.  “B12 Boost” also contains chromium and a small amount of green tea for supporting and balancing energy levels.

Cassandra – Nutri Centre Nutritionist

A highly effective and completely natural daily oral spray to help increase daily energy and concentration levels. Containing an optimal level of vitamin B12 together with chromium and Green Tea extract the combination is delivered orally under the tongue quickly entering the bloodstream for the ultimate in bio-availability and convenience.

Delivering 1200mcg of vitamin B12 per dose the bottle lasts an impressive 40 days. Ideal for those with an active lifestyle if you're feeling increasingly tired or for those who travel. Suitable for everyone on a vegetarian and vegan diet. Natural apricot flavour.

How does it work?
B12 is a notoriously difficult nutrient to absorb in the gut. At most only 1% of our dietary intake can be absorbed by the body and that relies on digestive efficiency and the presence of a chemical called intrinsic factor. Tiredness stress ill-health poor diet will all reduce this ability further.

BetterYou uses the most bio-available form of B12 (methylcobalamin) which is active in human metabolism. When sprayed under the tongue the vitamin enters the bloodstream directly.

This avoids over-reliance on our inefficient digestive system. Absorption commences immediately. It's fast it's convenient and it tastes great.

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