Choosing the Best Fat Burner for Men & Women – Top 10 Brands

The top 10 weight loss products to help you slim down FAST!


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This is our selection of the best fat burners for men and best fat burners for women. We have also put together a nifty beginner’s guide for fat burners directly below.

#1 Men’s Fat Burner – Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout 1

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#1 Women’s Fat Burner – Leanbean

Leanbean Fat Burner For Women

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Fat Burner Guide

They say our health is our greatest asset, and most tend to agree. While there are of course many factors that contribute to our overall health, our weight and body fat percentage are some of the most important – and obvious – factors.

Many of us are not satisfied with our bodies, and in fact, more than 2/3rds of Americans are overweight or obese. Weight loss is arguably the number one fitness goal for both men and women in the world of fitness and health today.

Obesity Epidemic

Obesity and overweight stats are continuing to increase to record levels, and the importance of living healthy and losing weight continues to be one of the top goals worldwide. While it may seem simple to lose weight it is not always so opaque and clear as to how to accomplish this goal.

The basic tenets of diet and exercise cannot be replaced or avoided and are critical factors to success. In a perfect world, when we do not have any additional time obligations, have no competing stressors and can hire professionals to advise us in diet and exercise along the way, then weight loss would be a fairly simple concept.

However, when we take into account our daily lives with the time obligations we have, and rightly so, to family, work and social lives amongst others, having unlimited time for working out, meal prepping and following the perfect weight loss plan suddenly transforms from simple to complex not to mention the effect stress tends to have in compounding the problem. Thus, more often than not a little help or boost goes a long way.

Why Lose Weight?

Whether you’re facing health problems due to your weight, or you just want to drop a few pounds to get ready for summer, you may be wondering how to burn fat fast. Well, diet and exercise of course play a very important role.

Ultimately, the foods you eat have the biggest impact on your physical health – followed by your level of activity. If you’re looking for a helping hand on your weight-loss journey, you may be interested in using natural fat burners to help. But not just any fat burner – you’ll want to use top rated fat burners that actually do what they claim to do! In this guide, we’ll go over the best fat burners on the market today.

What Are Fat Burners?

Fat Burners are a supplement category for a variety of different methods that help to increase the body’s ability to burn fat and/or calories. Most Fat Burners tend to focus on increasing the metabolic rate for the body, or the rate at which we burn energy. A low metabolic rate, which comes about from a variety of factors, means the body will not use much energy, especially in a resting or sedentary state, to burn energy or fuel whereas the contrast would be true for a high metabolic rate, where the body may continue to burn energy even while resting. Age plays a role in this, as our metabolism tends to slow down as we age.

Secondly, they also tend to increase energy thereby increasing our activity as a byproduct and burning more calories. This may be in a workout or exercise setting or simply give us more energy to move more throughout the day. More movement means more energy used and thus more calories and fat being burned.

Finally, many Fat Burner products tend to either increase satiety, or how full we feel after a given meal, or will act as an appetite suppressant. In both cases, by limiting or placing a limit on how much we food or fuel we take in, we can change the caloric deficit or how much energy we take in compared to how much we use. Whenever we use more energy than we take in, we are at a caloric deficit and in a position to burn fat and lose weight.

For the most part, weight loss supplements come in pill form. Most diet pills come in capsules filled with a blend of various fat-burning ingredients. They are meant to be combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, for best results.

They will generally contain a blend of many ingredients. Commonly included ingredients are caffeine, green tea extract, cayenne pepper, garcinia cambogia, and more. Most of the time, the included ingredients have synergistic effects with each other, combining to produce optimal results. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the best fat burning supplement for you, but we’ve done the hard work for you!

Benefits of Fat Burners

Fat burners can help you lose more weight, more quickly. Here are some key fat burner benefits:

  • Increases the metabolic rate
  • Increases thermogenesis, which helps burn more calories
  • Improves energy levels
  • Sharpens focus and improves concentration
  • Helps you burn more calories
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Improves endurance

It’s important to note that everyone reacts differently to supplements, and some might find more success than others. Additionally, there are a lot of different good fat burner pills on the market, so it’s important to select the best diet pills that work for you. We’ll go over the top fat burners in a later section.

Also, keep in mind that even the strongest fat burners still require some effort on your end. For best results, you’ll want to continue exercising regularly, and eat as healthy as possible. A solid diet and exercise plan, coupled with a good supplement for fat loss, can produce some substantial and rapid weight loss results.

How Do They Help You Burn Fat?

If you’re thinking about purchasing fat burners, you should understand how they work, and although they’re made with different ingredients, most of these products are designed to accomplish the same goal, which is to increase thermogenesis within the body.

By increasing the effectiveness of this process, fat burners can raise your metabolic rate and help you burn more calories. Depending on the specific ingredients contained within the formula, you can also get several other benefits from a high-quality fat burner.

For example, many products contain ingredients that are effective for appetite suppression, and if you’re not eating as much food, you’re going to lose more weight. The effort needed to lose weight is huge, and a major obstacle that prevents a lot of people from achieving their fitness goals is hunger.

Calorie Restriction

Calorie restriction is the main strategy used for weight loss, and when you’re eating less calories throughout the day, you’re more likely to experience hunger cravings.

If your diet consists of a large caloric deficit, then you’re likely to experience intense cravings for food, and fat burners are good at reducing cravings. The best supplements for burning fat are formulated to tackle all the major obstacles, and they address common issues with the mind and body.

A fat burner that only increases your metabolic rate can be useful, but it might not work as well as a product that is designed to raise your metabolism and reduce hunger cravings.

The best products contain a combination of ingredients, and they tackle all the potential problems that you’ll face while dieting. Several popular products can increase the amount of fat that your body can use for fuel, and they’re also good at increasing thermogenesis or heat expenditure.

Increased Metabolic Rate

According to some studies, the ingredients in many fat burners can raise your metabolic rate by up to five percent, which would allow you to burn up to 100 extra calories per day. This might not seem like a huge number of calories, but over time, every additional calorie adds up, and you’ll be that much closer to achieving your fitness goals.

Who May Benefit from a Fat Burner?

There are several different groups of people who can benefit from taking a fat burner:

  • Anyone who Wants to Lose Weight: Any person who wants to shed some pounds, and has been having difficulty doing it on their own, can benefit from adding an effective fat loss supplement to their diet. Sometimes, these products provide just the right amount of push in the right direction. For best results, they should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise.
  • Aging Individuals: As we age, our metabolism naturally slows down. This means our bodies slowly start to burn less calories, and if we don’t adjust our diets, it becomes easier and easier to gain weight. Research suggests that the metabolism actually starts to slow as young as 25, but older individuals will experience the most change. The best fat burners can help kick start your metabolism and get you back on track.
  • Athletes and Weightlifters: Athletes who may need to fall into certain weight classes in order to compete can greatly benefit from the rapid weight loss provided by these products.  Additionally, weightlifters might find them useful, particularly during “cutting” cycles where the aim is to shed fat and increase muscle definition.

How do Fat Burners Work?

To break down how fat burners work, we’ll take a closer look at each class of supplement that is often found in these products. For the most part, ingredients fall into the categories of stimulants, herbs, and appetite suppressants.


Stimulants, like caffeine, green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, etc. help to increase the metabolism temporarily, which helps you burn more calories throughout the day. Additionally, stimulants give you energy, which can help you power through your day, and exercise for longer periods of time. Some stimulants also have antioxidant effects, as well as other beneficial properties.


A wide variety of herbal ingredients are used in good fat loss products, including capsaicin, cayenne pepper, yohimbe and more. These herbs serve a variety of purposes. Some help to increase thermogenesis, which helps you burn more calories while at rest. Others aim to reduce hunger cravings, while others help boost athletic performance and energy.

Appetite Suppressants

Often times, appetite suppressants are added to top fat burners, to help you deal with food cravings. Some common examples include garcinia cambogia, yerba mate, glucomannan, etc. These can be particularly helpful for those who have trouble keeping their diet in check.

There are certainly other ingredients added, but these are the main classes. It’s also worthwhile to note that many of these ingredients have mutually beneficial effects with each other, meaning they help boost each other’s efficacy. This is why most of the best fat burner pills use a combination of many ingredients.

A well formulated fat burner hits a trifecta of sorts: it gives you more energy, increases your metabolism (and therefore your calorie burn rate), and reduces your hunger cravings. It’s easy to see how these effects could help you lose weight fast. More energy allows you to exercise longer and more regularly, while increased metabolism means you’ll burn more calories during those exercises (and even during rest periods).

Meanwhile, the appetite suppressant qualities of these products help you avoid empty calories and sugary/fatty foods, which makes it much easier to reach weight loss goals. It’s the combination of these properties that make these products so effective.

Precautions & Side Effects of Fat Burners

As with any supplement or health-related product, it is always advised to consult with a medical professional on if it is the right choice for you, and it is also always advised to follow the recommended dosing strategy by the product.

In some cases, fat burners can cause side effects. Most of these can be attributed to the high caffeine content of the supplements. Caffeine can cause various side effects, as can some of the other stimulants included in top fat burners.

The most common issues include difficulty sleeping, restlessness/anxiety, and dehydration. Try not to take fat burners (or anything containing stimulants) after mid-afternoon, because they can make it difficult to get to sleep. Also, drink plenty of water while you use fat burning supplements.

In addition, most stimulants increase our body temperature and therefore we tend to sweat more with them involved, thus hydration is critical and when not practiced effectively, dehydration is a common side effect of using Fat Burner’s incorrectly.

Other fat burner side effects are certainly possible, depending on how your body reacts to the included ingredients. If you have any concerns, speak with your doctor before beginning use of any new supplement.

How To Take Fat Burners

For best results, follow the instructions found on the fat burner you choose. Most products recommend multiple doses spread throughout the day, with most splitting into 2-3 doses. Keep in mind that you’ll want to avoid taking a dose later in the afternoon, if that product contains caffeine or another stimulant (to avoid difficulty sleeping). Beyond that, follow the instructions on the product packaging.

Lastly, remember that these aren’t magic weight loss pills! They can certainly help you lose more weight, but for best results, you’ll want to combine the best fat burner supplement for you with a good diet and regular exercise.

Stacking a Fat Burner

A supplement stack consists of multiple products, and the stack is supposed to help you achieve specific goals and optimal performance.

Depending on your health goals, you may consider adding additional supplements to your diet plan to synergistically boost the effects of fat burners.

It’s possible to stack fat burners with other products, but you must avoid stacking multiple products that contain caffeine. In most cases, you’ll get the best results by stacking fat burners with protein supplements and multivitamins.

Fat Burners, Creatine and Protein Powder for Workouts

Since fat burners are most effective when paired with regular exercise, many people could benefit from adding two of the most important athletic supplements: creatine, and protein powder. Creatine helps to boost muscle strength and endurance, allowing you to have better, more productive workouts, while protein powder helps your muscles recover.

Fat Burners and CLA for Rapid Fat Loss

Conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA for short, is a natural fatty acid (a “good fat”) that can help boost fat burning significantly. CLA can also help to increase lean body mass – so, in essence, it can help you shed fat AND build muscle. A couple top fat burners include CLA in their formulation, but most don’t, so it can be worthwhile to add to your weight loss stack.

Fat Burners, Fish Oil and Multivitamin for Holistic Health

If you’re looking to lose weight in order to start off on a new, healthy lifestyle, you can round things out by adding a good multivitamin and a good fish oil supplement. Multivitamins help fill in the gaps of our diets, ensuring we get adequate nutrients. Fish oil helps support the joints, cardiovascular health, skin and eye health, and more. Combined with a good fat loss supplement, these products can really help get you back on track towards a healthier lifestyle.

What to Look For in a Good Fat Burner

There are lots of good diet pills and effective fat burners on the market, so how do you choose the number one fat burner for you? Well, we’ve already put together a list of the top 10 fat burners available below, but beyond that, there are some factors you should keep in mind while making your choice.

  • Included ingredients: First and foremost, what’s in the product? Does it included ingredients that target the most important aspects of fat loss (energy, metabolism, and appetite suppression)? Compare multiple products and read fat burner reviews to learn more.
  • Brand quality: Who makes the product? Are they reputable and well respected? On our list, we’ve chosen only products from excellent companies. Do they have an online presence? Are they easy to contact? Do you think they took the time and effort to create a quality product based on their appearance? These are a few questions you should ask about a supplement company.
  • Value: How much does the product cost, for how many servings? Be sure to compare the per-day/per-month cost when looking at multiple products. But also keep in mind, cheaper isn’t always your best option. You don’t want to cheat yourself by buying an inferior product, just to save a few bucks.
  • User Feedback: In today’s world we have the luxury of instantaneous information thanks to the wonders of the internet and social media. That is why it is important to utilize these tools, go out and find user reviews, rankings and experiences with the product you are considering. And since you’re on this site, I have a hunch you’ve already thought about that! Google is also your friend when it comes to these things.

Quick Summary:

  • Trusted manufacturer with updated contact information, website and social media profiles
  • Transparent and honest ingredients label
  • Good user feedback online (reviews, rankings, mentions)
  • Be on the look out for exaggerated claims and promises
  • Buy from repuable sources (e.g
  • Price between $30-60 per bottle

Top 10 Recommended Fat Burner Pills

We have put together a list of our top 10 recommended Fat Burner supplements. Each one has a short breakdown of its highlights, primary ingredients and usages, as well as a brief profile for the company who makes the product.

Check out all 10, and look for the best option that not only comes highly recommended but fits your individual needs and desires for a Fat Burner supplement. We hope you enjoy and find the best product for you!

1. Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout 1

Instant Knockout is one of the highest regarded products for Fat Burners for men & women, it offers increased performance at the gym a diverse ingredient list that will surely improve your performance and metabolism.

The product was originally developed for mixed martial arts fighters (hence the name!), but has been adapted to suit anyone who would like to lose some weight.

The caffeine, green coffee bean and green tea extract help keep you energized for exercise, while other ingredients help reduce hunger cravings, boost metabolic rate, and more. Combined, the formula delivers a powerful fat burner in a simple, affordable package. These are some of the best diet pills on the market – plus, they come with a money-back guarantee!

Product Highlights:

  • Formulated for more energy and stamina in the gym.
  • Has a 90-day guarantee
  • Can be shipped worldwide.
  • Can ship up to 3 month’s supply at once with included free extra’s.

Key Ingredients (per one serving):

  • 1800mg Glucomannan
  • 500mg Green Tea Extract
  • 100mg Cayenne Pepper
  • Also includes vitamins B6 and B12, chromium, green coffee bean, zinc, piperine, and caffeine anhydrous.

Company Profile:

Instant Knockout is a United Kingdom based product from supplement company Roar Ambition. Roar Ambition is one of the premium supplement providers available and is an industry leader in weight loss and fat burners. They constantly revise and update the product to make sure it is the best possible, and only sells it through their website.

Why We Recommend It:

Instant Knockout is a great do-it-all product that offers all of the primary benefits we would look for in a Fat Burner. Its all-natural formula is a huge plus, as you know exactly what you’re putting in your body and why it helps you lose weight.The 90-day guarantee is unique and one of the best benefits as well as it demonstrates Roar Ambition’s confidence in their product.

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2. Transparent Labs Fat Burner

Transparent Labs Physiqueseries Fat Burner

Transparent Labs stays true to their mission with this Fat Burner, as they take pride in being transparent with their products and keeping them from artificial sweeteners and additives. By combining proven ingredients, TLabs has created a potent and no-nonsense fat burner that produces real results. This product is effective, with great science to back up its efficacy.

Product Highlights:

  • No artificial sweeteners, dyes, additives or other extraneous ingredients, it is a clean product that only delivers what it promises.
  • Transparency, the hallmark of the Transparency brand, as they offer full info on all of their product blends and ingredients.
  • Clinically tested and effective with a strong basis in scientific research.
  • Money back guarantee on up to three months’ worth of supply.
  • Ships worldwide and offers savings on two and three-month packages.

Ingredients (per one serving):

  • 500mg of Forslean (Forskolin) 400mg Green Tea Extract
  • 300mg of L-Tyrosine
  • 300mg of 5-HTP
  • 240mg of L-Theanine
  • 120mg of Salicin
  • 120mg of Caffeine Anhydrous
  • 100mg of Cayenne Pepper Extract
  • 50mg of Synephrine HCI

Company Profile:

Transparent Labs is considered one of the highest regarded companies in the sports nutrition industry due to its emphasis on transparent practices and ingredients. They are well-known for clean and pure products without additional sweeteners and additives that tend to dilute the quality of products. They are a fast-growing company that has a strong scientific background and a well-deserved reputation of high-integrity products.

Why We Recommend It:

The best part of Transparent Labs products is their transparency with their ingredients and process so that it is clear they have researched and used scientific practices to develop an effective product. They offer a quality Fat Burner in this regard that can be trusted to hold its value.

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3. Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Review

Hydroxycut is one of the most popular, and well known, product lines in the Fat Burner market. Hardcore Next Gen is their latest product and it reinforces many of the qualities Hydroxycut is best known for, delivering a potent blend of ingredients for powerful fat-burning effects. Its unique formula blends several unique and proven ingredients to address every aspect of the fat loss process, from metabolism to energy to food cravings.

Product Highlights:

  • One of the most convenient and affordable options.
  • Delivers a good amount of energy to help burn calories throughout the day.
  • Known and respected brand.
  • Helps with Thermogenesis, a process that builds heat in the body and thereby metabolism.

Key Ingredients (per one serving):

  • 400mg green coffee blend.
  • 290mg caffeine anhydrous
  • 100mg coleus extract
  • Additional herbs and ingredients including blue skullcap, yohimbe, guayusa, and ophiopogon extract.

Company Profile:

Harcore Next Gen is produced under the well-known brand name Hydroxycut, which is in fact produced by MuscleTech. MuscleTech is one of the largest and well-known supplement companies and have been in business for over 20 years. They are best known for quality products at affordable prices and are well respected within the industry.

Why We Recommend It:

Hydroxycut is a staple in the Fat Burner market and Hardcore Next Gen is no different. It makes a great optin that is both convenient and affordable for men and gets the job done!

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4. Cellucor Super HD

Cellucor Super Hd

Super HD is good product from a well-respected company in Cellucor. It has some unique features including nootropics for increased cognition and more convenience with a smaller daily requirement while still delivering strong and effective Fat Burner qualities.

Product Highlights:

  • Affordable and convenient with only 2 capsules per day as the recommended dose, less than most Fat Burner products.
  • Includes nootropics for improving brain function and cognitive enhancement.
  • Produced by a well-known and respected brand.
  • Uses proprietary blends

Key Ingredients (one per serving):

  • 250mg SuperHD ThermoSculpting blend, including dandelion root extract, green tea extract, and blue whiting.
  • 250mg SuperHD Sensory Impact blend, consisting of cayenne pepper, tyrosine, rhodiola root extract, and yohimbe among others.

Company Profile:

Cellucor is a well-known and respected company based in Texas, and they are the manufacturers of SuperHD. They were founded in 2002 and have quickly grown to be a prominent supplement company, most popularly known for their C4 pre-workout products.

Why We Recommend It:

Cellucor’s SuperHD is one of the most convenient options on the market with only two capsules required to achieve similar effects to other products who may recommend 4-6 capsules or more. In addition, the added nootropics add an edge to the energy and alertness aspect of Fat Burners making for a potent yet quality product.

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5. Kor Nutrition Thermakor

Kor Nutrition ThermakorThermakor is a thermogenic fat-burning formulation and a very good fat burner overall. The unique formula helps keep appetite under control, enhances thermogenesis, boosts the metabolism, and improves energy levels. All of these factors combine to produce significant and impressive results for anyone looking to lose weight.

Product Highlights & Ingredients:

  • 300mg green tea extract
  • 100mg garcinia cambogia
  • 200mg Razberi-K
  • 300mg green coffee bean extract
  • Much more, including forslean, hordenine, caffeine anhydrous, salicin and synephrine, which combine to make this a well-rounded and strong fat burner supplement.
  • Made in the USA
  • Money-back guarantee
  • A top fat burner from a top quality company

Company Profile: This product is made by Kor Nutrition, an American fitness supplement company. At this time, Thermakor is their main product, and they’ve poured a lot of resources into making it the best it can be.

Why We Recommend It: Overall, Thermakor is a good fat burning supplement made by a good company. It combines many of the most important supplements for weight loss, and uses an innovative formula to produce real results. The only downside is the price, which is a bit on the expensive side.

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6. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Hardcore Elite, courtesy of fat burner industry staple Hydroxycut, is one of the best overall products, offering a piece of nearly every aspect that constitutes an effective fat burner supplement.  It is a quality and transparent product designed to target metabolism, thermogenesis and energy for a powerful dose of fat burning.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy and convenient, and one of the more affordable options.
  • Transparent ingredients with all amounts listed for complete disclosure.
  • Does not address appetite suppression.
  • High caffeine dosage.

Key Ingredients (per one serving):

  • 270mg caffeine anhydrous
  • 250mg coleus forskohlii
  • 200mg C. canephora robusta (green coffee extract)
  • 100mg L-theanine
  • 3mg yohimbe

Company Profile:

Hardcore Elite is also produced under the well-known brand name Hydroxycut, which is in fact produced by MuscleTech. MuscleTech is one of the largest and well-known supplement companies and have been in business for over 20 years. They are best known for quality products at affordable prices and are well respected within the industry.

Why We Recommend It:

Hardcore Elite is a powerful and effective fat burner supplement for men, delivering a potent number of stimulants and energy. The primary downside is the lack of appetite suppression ingredients which may make it a poor choice for those who have difficulty with discipline in their nutrition.

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7. Lean Mode by EVLution Nutrition

Lean Mode By Evl Nutrition

Lean Mode is unique in that it is one of the rare fat burner supplements that is caffeine-free. This makes it a great choice for men who may be pre-disposed to be sensitive to excess caffeine. It is still effective and is an excellent choice for those looking for a fat burner without the excessive stimulants usually used.

Product Highlights:

  • Caffeine and stimulant free.
  • Affordable product from a well-regarded company.
  • Requires a large dose, 3 capsules per.
  • Includes carnitine for improved physical performance

Key Ingredients (per one serving):

  • 500mg carnitine
  • 500mg green coffee bean extract (decaf)
  • 500mg CLA
  • 250 green tea extract (decaf)

Company Profile:

Lean Mode is the latest product from Evlution Nutrition, one of the younger up-and-coming companies in the sport nutrition supplement industry. They were a “Breakout Brand of the Year” in 2013 from, and have been a successful company in their early stages thus far.

Why We Recommend It:

Lean Mode is the perfect option for men looking for a fat burner supplement that does not contain excessive caffeine or stimulation. If you are overly sensitive to caffeine or simply don’t want to add more, this is a great option.

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8. Animal Cuts by Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts Fat Burner

Animal Cuts is one of the most potent and powerful fat burners on the market with the ability to boost thermogenics, metabolism, the thyroid and cognitive focus. It is a premium product but delivers with a powerful punch of fat burning capability.

Product Highlights:

  • Has caffeine and other stimulants for a powerful energy boost.
  • Can be an effective short-term option for cutting cycles or rapid weight loss.
  • Is a premium product and thus more expensive than most.
  • Has three different complexes for a balanced and potent approach.

Key Ingredients (per one serving):

  • 750mg metabolic complex including green tea extract and black tea extract among others.
  • 750mg thermogenic complex with caffeine anhydrous, guarana, yerba mate, raspberry ketones and more.
  • 350mg thyroid complex, consisting of L-tyrosine, olive leaf extract, and salvia officinalis.

Company Profile:

Universal Nutrition manufactures a variety of quality supplement products; they are a large and well known multinational sports nutrition company. Their main focus tends to be on traditional fitness supplements such as protein powders, but they also manufacture many health products as well for their varied customers. They have been in business 1977 making them one of the most trusted and respected brands in the industry.

Why We Recommend It:

Animal Cuts is a great product for men looking for increased energy and metabolism. It is more expensive than most but is nevertheless a great product that uses its array of ingredients to deliver a potent energy and fat burning boost.

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9. Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cuts

Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cuts 1

Iron Cuts, courtesy of the Arnold series based on the physique legend, is a specialized product for men that uses a three-phase approach to fat burning. In addition, as a product for men specifically it offers some additional benefits such as testosterone production and regulation of estrogen and cortisol for improved performance.

Product Highlights:

  • Uses a unique formula designed specifically and exclusively for men.
  • One of the more convenient options, needing only one serving per day.
  • Utilizes a unique three phase fat burning approach.
  • Has additional benefits specifically for men that most other fat burners do not feature.
  • Does not include appetite suppressant aspects.
  • A premium product and thus more expensive than most.

Key Ingredients (per one serving):

  • 930mg thermogenic and fat metabolizer blend including carnitine, green tea leaf extract, caffeine anhydrous, panax ginseng and more.
  • 900mg muscle building maximizer blend featuring maca root extract and ALA among others.

Company Profile:

MusclePharm, one of the top companies in the supplement industry, is the maker of Iron Cuts as a part of their larger Arnold Schwarzenegger series based on the fitness and physique legend. They teamed with Arnold to produce a special line of products that offer function and performance.

Why We Recommend It:

Iron Cuts is an excellent choice of a fat burner that is specifically for men. It contains ingredients not only for fat burning but also for performance making it a balanced and powerful supplement and a premium product, thus the price is a bit higher than most.

10. Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate

Nutrex Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrate 1

Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate, while one of the lengthier product names, is also one of the most unique. It uses an “intelligent fat destroyer” theory that is designed to target specific aspects of fat burning. The innovative product uses special ingredients to cleanse and reprogram fat receptors for powerful results.

Product Highlights:

  • Designed specifically for men.
  • Is a convenient option, requiring only one capsule daily.
  • Uses a powerful fat burning compound and may increase energy.
  • Contains special ingredients to cleanse and reprogram fat receptors.
  • Has a potent dose of caffeine in each serving.

Key Ingredients (per one serving):

  • 5mg ultra concentrated fat destroying complex, which consists of theobromine anhydrous, caffeine anhydrous, yohimbine and more.

Company Profile:

Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate is produced by Nutrex Research, a relatively new company to the market, originating in 2002. They have grown quickly and produce innovative products for their growing customer base within the fitness community.

Why We Recommend It:

This is an interesting and innovative product that contains ingredients not normally found in traditional fat burner supplements. The downside is that it lacks some of the clear scientific research more traditional options have and may require more studies to be done into new areas of fat burning to verify its approach.

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Wrapping Things Up

If you want to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals, fat burners can help you do it, and with powerful blends of ingredients, these products can increase your energy, stamina, performance, mood and metabolism.

However, you must remember that these supplements are designed to make weight loss easier, and to maximize your results, you’ll still need to put in the hard work. We’ve put a lot of effort into this list of products, and we hope that it will guide you to the best fat burners for your individual needs and goals.

Carl Putman

Written by Carl Putman

Carl Putman is a strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level and writer on fitness, health and supplements. Over the past decade, he has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from professional athletes and world champions to youth and general population, as well as tactical practitioners. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. Based in Florida, he continues to train and coach as well as write with a passion for making a positive impact for his clients and readers.

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