Choosing the Best Multivitamin for Men – Top 10 Brands

Best Multivitamins For Men Ranked

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Health and wellness is a diverse and expansive field that not only encompasses exercise and leisure but nutrition and specifically how we take care of our bodies and give it the nutrients needed to thrive.

While most of the focus tends to be on exercise and the proper diet, which is certainly important, in most cases it is nearly impossible to fully address all of our dietary needs and fully achieve balance. Add in a hectic schedule with work, kids, training and whatever else may be happening, and addressing your dietary deficiencies is a bit difficult to tackle.

This is where multivitamins can be an incredibly useful and efficient way to address our nutritional needs and achieve a balanced diet. Between our busy schedules and the general lack of quality in most readily available foods, a multivitamin not only addresses the missing pieces in our diet, it acts as a safety net, so that regardless of what challenges or interruptions we may face on a daily basis, we know that we’ve addressed all of our base vitamins and minerals and have proactively taken care of our health.

What Are Multivitamins?

Multivitamins come in a wide variety of forms from pills to powders, but simply put they are dietary supplements that offer a wide range of recommended daily vitamins and minerals to help us live the healthiest life possible. Vitamins and minerals are vital to human health and performance and multivitamins help to address the wide variety of functions they play in our physiology. They can help us improve our health, physical performance and even help with our memory.

The best and healthiest vitamins are found naturally in the food we eat, for example vitamin C in oranges. However, the variety and amount of food that would be necessary to achieve proper balance of our key vitamins and minerals on a daily basis is challenging and unrealistic for many. For athletes, body builders, and other fitness enthusiasts this is doubly challenging, as we expend more energy and nutrients through training regularly and thus need to take in more to achieve our goals and see progress. Supplementing with multivitamins can be beneficial for both strength gains and endurance gains as well, thus supporting their use as a beneficial supplement for anyone with athletic goals and interests.

Finally, some people can have very specific vitamin or mineral deficiencies either through diet, hereditary predisposition, or otherwise. It has been researched and proven that vitamin deficiencies decrease performance, thus it is important to remedy any missing links or weaknesses. If this has been medically identified then it can be addressed through those channels, but it is often very hard to detect, thus taking a multivitamin can help to safeguard against any deficiencies that may be harmful to our health or performance.

Common Ingredients of Multivitamins

The ingredients in a multivitamin are generally quite numerous and different brands have different varieties, however most multivitamins will contain all of the fundamental vitamins and minerals and then have some specialty compounds or variations. Common examples that tend to be present in multivitamins might include:

  • Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B6, B12 and more
  • Minerals such as copper, calcium, zinc, folic acid and so on.
  • Specialty items to supplement the core vitamins and minerals such as amino acids, greens supplements, enzymes and more.

Do Multivitamins Make Up for a Poor Diet?

It is essential to understand that Multivitamins are supplements. They cannot make up for a poor diet; instead, they provide extra essential nutrients to the body. These supplements may help the body, but they cannot fix an unhealthy lifestyle.

You need to make sure that you have a proper lifestyle where you consume healthy food along with multivitamins. You need to have a holistic approach while you focus on an appropriate schedule of for the workout session. You can’t expect the multivitamins to act as a magical pill that covers up all your deficiencies.

Use of Multivitamins and Potential Side Effects

The side effects to multivitamins are not often harmful, however over supplementation of any one particular vitamin can have negative side effects, and some worse than others. The effects are too varied to list as each ingredient if taken in too high a dosage can have its own side effects.

In general, if you are taking a surplus of vitamins and minerals beyond what your body needs, it will first reject the superfluous nutrients (usually in the form of dark or highly colored urine) and over time it may experience side effects from having to process the extraneous intake, particularly in the kidney and liver systems.

The most important aspect when taking a multivitamin properly is to follow the dosage and instructions that come with the product. There are a variety of sources, for that list the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for each vitamins and mineral, as well as an upper tolerable limit (UL), or the recommended maximum amount you can take before side effects begin to take place.

This will depend on your diet in conjunction with the vitamins you take, therefore if you are not sure it is best to consult with a medical professional who can run tests to see where deficiencies and over abundances may be.

How to Pick a Good Men’s Multivitamin

When it comes to choosing the right multivitamin for you, the first and most obvious factor to take into consideration is the ingredients. Not all multivitamins are created equal, and some prioritize certain vitamins, minerals or aspects of health more than others. Be sure to carefully read the label and check the ingredients to see if it meets your needs.

It is a good rule of thumb to make sure your multivitamin of choice covers all of the fundamental bases of quality diet and nutrition. If so, then you can look for specialty aspects that may fit your needs, for example amino acids for body builders and athletes, extra fiber and enzymes for digestion issues, perhaps some light stimulants for fat loss, and so on.

Finally, when possible look for well-regarded and established brands that you trust. Quality brands will have a good reputation and tend to be very straightforward and transparent with their products, what they include and who they are best suited for.

Top 10 Recommended Men’s Multivitamins

We have put together a list of our top 10 recommended multivitamin supplements. Each one has a short breakdown of its highlights, primary ingredients and usages, as well as a brief profile for the company who makes the product.

Check out all 10, and look for the best option that not only comes highly recommended but fits your individual needs and desires for a multivitamin supplement. We hope you enjoy and find the best product for you!

1. Men’s One by Rainbow Light

Mens One By Rainbow Light

Rainbow Light offers the Men’s One Energy Multivitamin as a simple, powerful and effective multivitamin for men. This iron-free option contains a B-complex blend for energy as well as a strong probiotic aspect for digestion.

Product Highlights:

  • Iron Free
  • Contains 25 million bioactive probiotics per dose.
  • Gentle on the digestive system.
  • Great value buy
  • Does not include amino acid or other standard ingredients usually geared towards weight lifting.

Key Ingredients: (per serving)

  • 25 million active probiotics including protease, amylase and more.
  • A complete multivitamin featuring vitamin A, C, D, E, K, and more
  • A powerful B-complex for energy.
  • Also contains a complete mineral blend including calcium, zinc, magnesium and more.

Company Profile:

Rainbow Light is the producer of the Men’s One Multivitamin and is a large nutritional supplement company. Unlike some of the compatriots on this list, they are less geared towards serious lifters, fitness enthusiasts and athletes, and more towards overall good health and wellness.

Why We Recommend It:

This is a great choice for men looking for a standard multivitamin, particularly for men who may not be athletes or serious trainers. It lacks many of the ingredients that normally accompany a performance oriented multivitamin, thus it is a great choice for the average person but not ideal for those with higher performance goals.

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2. Garden of Life Vitamin Code-Men

Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Men

Vitamin Code Men is a specialty multi-vitamin that boasts an all-natural approach with raw, whole foods as its source. This means its core nutrients are gluten-free, dairy-free, and come without any artificial fillers or extras. It is a great choice for those with restrictive diets or who value a raw and unprocessed approach to nutrition and food.

Product Highlights:

  • Raw, whole foods with nutrients from the source and not synthetically created.
  • Developed specifically for men.
  • Contains live probiotics and enzymes for easy digestion.
  • Includes organic fruit and vegetable blends.
  • Does not utilize amino acids or traditional muscle aiding ingredients.
  • Is one of the more expensive options.

Key Ingredients: (per serving)

  • Complete multivitamin consisting of a powerful B-complex blend, vitamins A, C, D, E and more.
  • Also, a complete mineral blend, consisting of calcium, zinc, magnesium, selenium and more.
  • 560mg raw organic fruit and vegetable blend.
  • 110mg raw probiotic and enzyme blend.

Company Profile:

Garden of Life, the maker of Vitamin Code Men, is a popular manufacturer of health and fitness supplements, along with health foods and related products. They have been a leader in the health supplement industry and specialize in utilizing raw whole foods and organic sources for their products.

Why We Recommend It:

Vitamin Code Men is a great multivitamin product for men who are looking for a natural or raw product with an organic base. The organic and natural approach of Garden of Life has made them a reputable company for health products, however they do tend to be some of the more expensive products available.

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3. Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

Universal Nutrition Animal PakAnimal Pak is a well-known multivitamin complex that has been on the market since 1984, that is specially formulated for the needs of high performing fitness users such as athletes and body builders. It uses a special blend with over 55 different nutrients to help deliver health and performance.

Product Highlights:

  • Includes both an amino acid and performance optimizer blend for improved performance in the gym and in life.
  • Packs over 55 nutrients into each serving.
  • Comes in a multi-capsule Pak, with dosage requiring 1 for normal workouts and 2 for especially intense training sessions.
  • Has been on the market for over 30 years, thus has established track record.

Key Ingredients: (per serving)

  • Performance optimizer blend with ginseng, carnitine, argentine and more.
  • Complete multivitamin and mineral formula with all of the staple vitamins and minerals needed.
  • Amino acid blend for performance with lysine, methionine, leucine, and valine among others.
  • Digestive enzyme blend including betaine HCI, pepsin and more to aid the digestive process.

Company Profile:

Animal Pak is one of the longest tenured items on the market and is made by Universal Nutrition, one of the longest and most tenured brands, in operation since 1977. For over 40 years they have developed and implemented innovate and effective supplements in the sport nutrition field.

Why We Recommend It:

Animal Pak is an ideal choice for covering all of your daily vitamin and mineral needs, and it is one of the best and tested options for athletic or performance oriented users. It is one of the pricier options thus its overall value may be a bit less than some less expensive alternatives, but it offers excellent performance and overall quality.

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4. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

Optimum Nutrition Opti Men

Opti-Men by Optimum Nutrition is arguably the best multivitamin available for a balanced and complete approach. It boasts over 75 active ingredients and 22 different vitamins and minerals, in addition to amino acids and other additional blends. It is a great choice especially for those with an active lifestyle such as athletes, body builders or outdoor sportsmen.

Product Highlights:

  • 22 different vitamins and minerals included.
  • Has over 75 active ingredients.
  • Includes complexes for amino acids, greens and enzymes.
  • Easy to take capsule form, can be taken throughout the day.
  • A great value for the quality of the product.
  • Optimum Nutrition is a reputable and well-known brand.

Key Ingredients: (per 1 serving)

  • Complete vitamin and mineral formula, including all of the key vitamins such as A, C, D, E, K, B6, B12, copper, folic acid, calcium, zinc and more.
  • Amino acid blend for muscle growth and recovery, including L-arginine, L-glutamine, L-valine, L-leucine, and L-isoleucine among others.
  • Phyto blend with garlic, green tea powder, grape seed extract and more.
  • Enzyme blend, consisting of papain, bromelain, lipase and more.
  • Viri blend that includes saw palmetto, Korean ginseng, gingko boloba and more.

Company Profile:

Optimum Nutrition, ON as it otherwise known, is one of the leading companies in the nutritional supplement industry and is the producer of Opti-Men. They are best known for their Gold Standard line, particularly protein powders, however they are well known and respected for using scientifically proven ingredients and strategies in all of their products, making them a successful and respected brand.

Why We Recommend It:

We recommend Opti-Men first because of its versatility and comprehensiveness, it offers a wide range of ingredients, vitamins and minerals while maintaining a respectable price, offering excellent value overall.

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5. Vita JYM by JYM

Vita Jym By Jym

Vita JYM is a multivitamin from the JYM product line founded and owned by PHD Jim Stoppani. The Vita JYM multivitamin is specifically oriented towards athletic performance and providing the critical vitamins, minerals, and blends needed for optimum performance. It is a premium product and thus is priced higher than most multivitamins that may have a less specific demographic.

Product Highlights:

  • Contains a powerful 25 micronutrient blend formulated for athletes and athletic performance.
  • Synergistically blended for optimal absorption.
  • Packs a powerful B-complex for improved energy.
  • Is one of the more expensive options and a premium product.

Key Ingredients: (per serving)

  • 5mg black pepper fruit extract (Bioperine)
  • A select mineral blend featuring iron, copper, manganese and others.
  • A complete multivitamin and mineral blend including vitamin A, C, E, K, and more.
  • A powerful B-vitamin complex.

Company Profile:

JYM Supplement Science is the maker of Vita JYM, and is a young sport nutrition company in the field, owned and operated by PHD Jim Stoppani. JYM is a relative newcomer to the industry but is growing quickly based on their ability to formulate advanced products that are effective and get results.

Why We Recommend It:

Vita JYM is an excellent choice for competitors and those looking for a multivitamin that will help them improve in the gym and/or on the field. It contains a great blend of multivitamins with minimal additional fluff. It is a bit on the expensive side so it is not a value buy, but rather a premium style product.

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6. MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin

Muscletech Platinum Multivitamin

The MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin is a comprehensive multivitamin specifically engineered for men. It features a potent herbal matrix blend as well as amino acids, enzymes and other key nutrients to improve performance on a daily basis. It is made by MuscleTech, a highly regarded sports nutrition company and is a well-rounded product.

Product Highlights:

  • Includes an herbal matrix that is powerful and potent.
  • Sports a complete multivitamin and mineral formula.
  • Strong and respected brand.
  • Includes amino acids and enzymes for additional nutritional needs.
  • Offers great bang for your buck in terms of value.

Key Ingredients: (per serving, serving size is 3 tablets)

  • Includes a complete multivitamin and mineral formula including all of the recommended necessary nutrients.
  • Enzyme complex including amylase and papain.
  • Amino support matrix with glycine, L-citrulline malate, L-arginine HCI, among others.

Company Profile:

The Platinum is made my MuscleTech, which is one of the stronger and more respected brands in the sports and nutrition supplement industry. They have been in business for a substantial amount of time and are a trusted brand that develops cutting-edge products for the health and fitness industry.

Why We Recommend It:

The Platinum Multivitamin is a great choice for a men’s multivitamin that covers all of the nutritional basics and is a quality, natural product. It is a great choice for someone looking for a well-rounded multi-vitamin to cover their nutritional basics from a well-respected and reputable company.

7. Armor-V by MusclePharm

Armor V By Musclepharm

The Armor-V multivitamin courtesy of MusclePharm is a daily vitamin that includes a powerful B-vitamin complex with additional support for energy and immune health. Armor-V is specifically formulated for fitness enthusiasts and serious trainers.

Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 are three essential nutrients that should be a part of any diet. Armor-V by MusclePharm has complex minerals along with useful multivitamins that are important for your workout schedule.

Product Highlights:

  • Additional B-vitamins for energy.
  • Added probiotics for digestion.
  • Also contains additional Omega-3-6-9 fatty acids.
  • Has a complete multivitamin and mineral blend.
  • Contains antioxidants, fruit and vegetable blends.
  • Serving size is 6 capsules, and it can be expensive.

Key Ingredients: (per serving)

  • Full multivitamin including vitamin A, C, D, E, B-complex blend and more.
  • Complete mineral complex, complete with magnesium, zinc, calcium, and more.
  • 942mg greens, fruit, and vegetable blend
  • 769mb Omega 3-6-9 complex
  • 293mg Armor Blend for immune

Company Profile:

Armor-V is a product from MusclePharm, a well-regarded brand in the sports nutrition industry best known for developing cutting edge fitness products and supplements. They are considered one of the industry leaders as a brand, and despite a short overall lifespan of the business thus far they have experienced great success.

Why We Recommend It:

Armor-V is a quality multivitamin and it carries additional value for the bodybuilders or athletes who need additional support. It does carry an inconvenient dosage size and is a bit on the expensive side, but it is a quality product especially for serious lifters.

8. Controlled Labs Orange Triad

Controlled Labs Orange Triad

Orange Triad, which is produced by Controlled Labs, is a multivitamin specifically formulated for weightlifters and the associated demands. It offers the requisite vitamins and minerals that define a quality multivitamin, but it also offers additional benefits such as anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Product Highlights:

  • Includes anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • Iron Free
  • Has an all in one formula that includes a complete multivitamin and mineral complex.
  • Large serving size, 3 tablets twice a day.
  • It is a premium product and a thus more expensive.

Key Ingredients: (per serving)

  • Has complete mineral complex including zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium and more.
  • Multivitamin complex including vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B-complex and more.
  • Flex complex
  • Joint complex
  • Digestion and immune complex

Company Profile:

Controlled Labs is a medium sized sports fitness company that specializes in putting together effective yet affordable products, specifically fitness products such as Orange Triad, protein powders and more.

Why We Recommend It:

Orange Triad is a good multivitamin for men that provides all around value and all the key characteristics and ingredients needed. It also offers additional support for bodybuilders or athletes looking for an extra boost. It can be a bit less convenient than other products due to the large serving size, but overall is a great multivitamin for men.

9. Daily Formula by Universal Nutrition

Daily Formula By Universal Nutrition

Daily Formula is a perfect option for those looking for a simple multivitamin that covers all of their nutritional bases without additional ingredients or effects. It is simple and effective for daily vitamin, mineral and digestive needs.

Product Highlights:

  • Includes a complete multivitamin and mineral complex, including 25 required vitamins and minerals.
  • Also adds in digestive enzymes for assistance with the digestive system.
  • Has no extraneous ingredients or fillers.
  • Is one of the most affordable options.
  • Does not include amino acids or other ingredients associated with lifting performance.

Key Ingredients: (per serving)

  • Digestive enzyme complex, consisting of papain, diastase malt, and lipase.
  • Complete multivitamin formula, including vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B12 and more.
  • Also includes a complete mineral formula with calcium, magnesium and zinc aong others.

Company Profile:

Universal Nutrition manufactures Daily Formula, they are a large and well known multinational sports nutrition company. Their main focus tends to be on traditional fitness supplements such as protein powders, but they also manufacture many health products as well for their varied customers.

Why We Recommend It:

Daily Formula is the best option for someone who is looking a no frills or additional ingredients style or multivitamin. It is the baseline for a standard multivitamin, and though it does not boast many of the performance enhancing qualities of the other options, it does offer a simple yet effective approach.

10. Gaspari Nutrition Anavite Multivitamin

Gaspari Nutrition Anavite

Gaspari Nutrition’s Anavite Multivitamin is a powerful multivitamin option specifically designed with wieghtlifters and athletes in mind. They use a special and unique blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and more to match the daily needs for the serious fitness enthusiast or competitor.

Product Highlights:

  • Developed primarily for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Includes more than 25 nutrients.
  • Contains amino acids such as beta-alanine and carnitine.
  • Also has a complete vitamin and mineral complex including B-complex vitamins.
  • Has a large serving size of 3 tablets and is more expensive than most products.

Key Ingredients: (per serving)

  • 1600mg beta-alanine
  • 1000mg carnitine tartrate
  • 45mcg vitamin K2
  • Potent multivitamin blend of 25 nutrients including vitamins, minerals and B-complex vitamins.

Company Profile:

Gaspari Nutrition has been in business since 1998, and is known for developing innovative and effective fitness supplements in a variety of product categories. They have grown into a large company with a loyal customer base.

Why We Recommend It:

Anavite Multivitamin is an effective men’s multivitamin that provides all of the essentials needed with a few extra bonuses for athletes and lifters in need of a little more. It may be better suited for athletes than the average user and thus is a tad more expensive than most.

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