Choosing the Best Royal Jelly Supplements – Top 10 Brands

Best Royal Jelly Supplement Brands

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Are you looking for the best royal jelly supplements on the market this year? Then this is the right list for you.

What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is a secretion that comes from honey bees, specifically from adult queen bees and larvae. The jelly is discharged from the hypopharynx glands of worker bees and fed to all other bees in the bee collection. It is reaped by humans who are harvesting the royal jelly and can produce up to 500 grams of royal jelly in about six months.

The royal jelly is composed of mainly water and about 33 percent of protein, amino acids, and simple sugars. It is an ancient dietary supplement that has been used for years in the alternative medicine world. It should be noted that the USDA has not approved or supported any claims of health benefits for royal jelly. It has also been noted that royal jelly has caused some allergic reactions live asthma and anaphylaxis.

Royal Jelly, which gets its name from its use to nurture queen bees, is a secretion from honey bees that has a silky milk-like quality. It’s made up of water, proteins, sugars, amino acids as well as some vitamins and salts. The configuration of royal jelly can change depending on where it’s cultivated and the climate.

Even though there are several claims to the health benefits of royal jelly, there is little research on the effects and benefits of royal jelly on humans. It is always important to research and talk with your doctor before using royal jelly or any supplements.

Things to Look for in a Good Royal Jelly Supplement

Royal jelly should not be confused with bee venom or bee pollen. Currently, there are two main types of royal jelly supplements: freeze-dried and natural royal jelly. When purchasing a royal jelly supplement, the best option is freeze-dried royal jelly. This is because freed-dried royal jelly contains 100 percent of the original nutrients that are found in the royal jelly in its natural state.

This alone helps maintain the royal jelly’s full strength and provides you with the best outcomes and benefits from the supplement. In its natural state, royal jelly may be unstable and require refrigeration. A good royal jelly supplement should also have long shelf life that does not require refrigeration.

How to Take Royal Jelly

It is important to follow the directions on the product label when taking any royal jelly supplement. If you are unsure of how to take the medications, always consult with your doctor. This supplement is for adults only. Pregnant women or women who are nursing should consult with a medical doctor before use. Typically, royal jelly supplements are taken one to two times daily in separate doses and preferably between meals or with water. Depending on the supplement, it is possible to increase your dose after establishing a tolerance for the royal jelly.

Always consult with your medical doctor before increasing dose. Several factors should be taken in consideration when taking royal jelly dosages including your age and current health status as well as any other supplements or prescription medications that you’re currently taking. Also, some allergies reactions may occur in some people. As always, it is recommended that you talk with your physician or health consultant before use of any product, including royal jelly supplements. This product should be stored out of reach from children.

Note: These products should not be taken if you are allergic to bees. Please speak with your doctor before taking any of the below products.

Top 10 Royal Jelly Products

1. NOW Foods Royal Jelly

Now Foods Royal Jelly

Considered a natural source of several different nutrients, this royal jelly supplements has been freeze-dried to assist with maintaining maximum stability.

Specs and Highlights

  • Royal jelly per serving: 1000 mg equivalency
  • Other Ingredients: 14mg 10-HDA, gelatin, glycerin, water, rice bran oil, beeswax, and silica
  • Free of soy, egg, dairy, corn, fish, yeast, wheat, shellfish, tree nuts and gluten
  • No GMO
  • Five calories per serving
  • Softgel pill

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2. YS Eco Bee Farms 100% Pure Freeze Dried Fresh Royal Jelly

Ys Eco Bee Farms 100 Pure Freeze Dried Fresh Royal Jelly

Providing b vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, and amino acids, this royal Kelly capsule is a complex super food. Because only the queen bee feeds off of royal jelly, this supplement is said to be very potent.

Specs and Highlights

  • Royal jelly per serving: 2000 mg
  • Dosage is equivalent to taking royal jelly in its freshest state
  • No oils, fillers, yeast, salt, or preservatives
  • Capsule form
  • May cause an allergic reaction if allergic to bee products

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3. Durham’s Royal Jelly

Durhams Royal Jelly 500 Mg

Known as a high protein food, Durham’s Royal jelly contains 100% original nutrients found in royal jelly. It is free-dried to maintain the full strength capacity.

Specs and Highlights

  • Royal jelly per serving: 500 mg
  • Other ingredients: gelatin and vegetable fiber
  • Freeze-dried royal jelly
  • Product comes directly from the Durham’s bee farm
  • Highest quality honeybee supplement

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4. Thompson Royal Jelly

Thompson Royal Jelly Ultra Potency 2000 Mg

Taken once daily with a glass of water or a meal, this jelly supplement is protein based to provide nutritional value. It is ultra-potent but is not intended to treat or cure any diseases.

Specs and Highlights

  • Royal jelly per serving: 2000 mg
  • Other ingredients: gelatin, bee pollen, cellulose, magnesium stearate, and silica
  • Provides nutritional support
  • Protein-based supplement
  • Tested for 10-HDA

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5. Swanson Royal Jelly Equivalent

Swanson Royal Jelly Equivalent

Swanson Royal Jelly equivalent is a natural energy booster and promotes vitality, supports the immune system, and assists in improving overall health and wellbeing. This yellowish orange pill comes in softgel form and is about the size of a penny.

Specs and Highlights

  • Royal jelly per serving: 1000 mg equivalency
  • Other ingredients: medium-chain triglyceride oil, glycerin, gelatin, beeswax, water, sunflower lecithin and sulfites
  • May be taken up to two times per day with water

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6. Puritan’s Pride Royal Jelly

Puritans Pride Royal Jelly

A natural source for amino acids, carbohydrates, proteins and some minerals, Puritan’s Pride royal jelly supplements stands on the fact that the royal jelly in this supplement is the only food that queen bees consume.

Specs and Highlights

  • Royal jelly per serving:
  • Other ingredients: soybean oil, vegetable glycerin, gelatin, beeswax, soy lecithin
  • Softgel pills
  • Free-dried within 48 hours to maintain potency
  • No artificial color, sweetener, preservatives, sugar, lactose, milk, gluten, wheat, yeast, or fish
  • This product is sodium free

7. NU-Health Triple Royal Jelly

Nu Health Triple Royal Jelly

Specs and Highlights

  • Royal jelly per serving: 900 mg
  • This softgel can be taken twice daily, one softgel per dose
  • Reduce risk of infections in the body
  • Balances hormones
  • This product may expire after two years
  • Seal tightly after each use and store in a cool, dry place

8. Solgar Royal Jelly

Solgar Royal Jelly

This sugar free royal jelly supplement is known to offer support with getting daily dosages of vital minerals and vitamins for nutritive support. Consult with tour doctor before use if you are allergic to bees or any time of bee products or if you have an adverse reaction to this supplement.

Specs and Highlights

  • Royal jelly per serving: 500 mg
  • Other ingredients: soybean oil, vegetable glycerin, beeswax, gelatin, and soy lecithin
  • Free of gluten, wheat, dairy, sodium, sugar, starch, sweeteners, color, flavor, preservatives, and yeast
  • Natural source for vitamins and minerals

9. Source Naturals Royal Jelly

Source Naturals Royal Jelly

Source Naturals royal jelly supplement is a great source for vitamins A, C, D, E and K. It is also a good choice for gaining vital mineral and amino acids, including those important to DNA and RNA development.

Specs and Highlights

  • Royal jelly per serving: 500 mg
  • Other ingredients: maltodextrin, gelatin, and water
  • No yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy, wheat, dairy, sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, or artificial color, flavor
  • Do not use product if seal is broken or missing

10. Bulksupplements Royal Jelly Powder

Bulksupplements Royal Jelly Powder

Available in powder form, this royal jelly supplement has a high percentage of protein. It is also freeze-dried for optimal use. It is suggested that you take this extract one to two times daily or as noted by your medical doctor.

Specs and Highlights

  • Royal jelly per serving: 1000 mg
  • Other ingredients: none
  • No sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, corn or additives
  • Freeze-dried and concentrated
  • Contains 10-HAD
  • If you suffer from asthma, this product is not suggested for your use
  • Do not take this product if you have any allergies to bees

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