Tesco Clubcard

At NutriCentre you can earn Clubcard points on every order!

For each £1 spent you earn 1 Clubcard point.

How do I earn Clubcard points on my orders?

You can enter your Tesco Clubcard number in the Tesco Clubcard field in the "My Account" section of our site. It will be saved there permanently so you do not need to re-enter it each time you order.



Please be aware that if your Tesco Clubcard number is entered incorrectly you will not receive any points.

How do I claim my Clubcard points?

Every three months, we'll add up your points and turn them into vouchers, which we'll send to you. Once you have your vouchers you can spend them in a number of ways including in store or online at Tesco and at Tesco petrol filling stations. You can also make your vouchers go further with Clubcard Boost where you can up to x4 the value of your vouchers with our Boost partners or turn £5 of Clubcard vouchers into £10 to spend in selected Tesco departments.

For more information visit the Tesco's Clubcard page.