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There have been numerous fad diets over the past few decades that have emerged, some with an emphasis on cutting down trans fats, others with adding more healthy fats, some for cutting out carbs and so on.

Yet one of the few universal principles most diets will agree upon is the effect proper diet and supplementation has on reducing inflammation, and how important that is to our health. Inflammation refers the body’s response to foreign agents or harm in an attempt to repel the invaders and heal the damaged area. While acute inflammation is beneficial in terms of healing a cut, chronic inflammation has a clear negative impact on our health and wellness, and is usually caused by diet and lifestyle.

Turmeric, a derivative of ginger, has been identified as one of the best nutritional options available to reduce inflammation and improve our quality of life and performance. While it is most often found as a naturally used spice in Asian and Indian food, it has risen to popularity as a supplemental option due to its immense capabilities to fight off inflammation, which includes not only basic inflammation but chronic conditions related to inflammation, such as arthritis.

In this article, we’ll break down exactly what Turmeric is, how it helps with inflammation, and what the best options on the market are.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a plant typically grown in south Asia that is very close to ginger. In order to get the benefits of turmeric which has been used in Ayuverdic medicine for some time, cultivators dig up the stems, or rhizomes, and ground them up to create the well-known spice in its traditional powdered form. Eastern countries use turmeric for a vast array of medical ailments including ulcers, skin disease, sprains, the flu, and digestion issues. Inhaling the smoke of burning turmeric is said to calm those going through hysteria.

Turmeric has a reputation as a substance that is good for digestion, the heart, the immune system, muscle pain and joint pain. Turmeric capsules support the liver and strengthen the blood to promote overall well-being.

One of the most common foods found across the different styles of cuisines featuring turmeric is curry. Known for its yellow color which comes from a smaller component of turmeric known as curcumin, turmeric is also found in common yellow food items such as mustard, butters, and cheeses as well.

Turmeric works in part because it contains an active compound called curcumin, which is an anti-inflammatory and might prevent and fight cancer. There is also evidence that it removes beta amyloid plaque in the brain.

The brain has a “waste product” of neurons called Amyloid. One in four people have an issue where amyloid builds up and interferes with brain function over the course of their lives. Turmeric can stop this from happening and promotes cognitive function as well as strengthening short-term memory.

There are many other benefits as well. Turmeric regulates cholesterol levels and can keep blood pressure levels within a healthy range.

Because of all of these reasons, many people take turmeric supplements. If turmeric is prepared improperly, the body will not absorb the benefits. In supplement form, agents like black pepper are added to guarantee that the body actually receives the beneficial effects.

Common Ingredients and Forms of Turmeric

The primary ingredient of any turmeric supplement is, of course, turmeric. However, every product will have differing levels of turmeric, an important measure to keep track of will be the mg of turmeric per dose as that will inform on the potency of the product in each serving.

Additionally, turmeric tends to be combined with other ingredients at times, such as ginger or black pepper extract, which may be a factor in which product is best for you. Finally, the source of the turmeric in the supplement may be an important consideration, some sources use all organic while others create more synthetic blends.

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric offers a wide variety of meaningful health benefits ranging from reduced inflammation to increased performance. While the primary benefits of consuming turmeric come from its ability to reduce inflammation in the body, its use over time has shown the potential to mitigate the effects of major illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and  heart disease and arthritis.

In addition, turmeric can have performance enhancing benefits as well for the more athletic or fitness-oriented population. It has been shown, for example, to aid in reducing inflammation and delayed onset muscle soreness after intense workouts, demonstrating its ability to improve recovery from training.

Who Is Turmeric Best Suited For?

In short, just about everyone who doesn’t get enough turmeric in their regular diet. While as a generality this probably includes most of us, it would specifically apply to those who are especially active and thus require more nutrients, such as athletes or gym enthusiasts, and those who do not get much naturally occurring turmeric in their diet.

It is especially useful for those who are battling chronic inflammation symptoms, such as the early signs of arthritis, or those who anticipate that may be a future issue.

How to Take Turmeric

Most turmeric supplements come in capsule form, and should be taken with a meal so the body can digest it properly. Some supplements can be taken any time, but most shouldn’t. It can take up to three months before the effects start to be felt, particularly in those with arthritis. It is most effective when taken in low doses over a long period of time.

Those taking certain medications might need to consult a medical professional before taking turmeric. It can raise the risk of bleeding in those who take blood-thinners. It can block the effects of over-the-counter products like Zantac. It can make diabetes drugs stronger and increase the risk of hypoglycemia.

People who are pregnant should not take turmeric supplements without consulting a doctor first. It should be kept away from children and stored in a cool, dry place. Turmeric might separate if left to sit, but that will not affect its potency.

Dosage and Use of Turmeric and Potential Side Effects

As with any supplement or health-related product, it is always advised to consult with a medical professional on if it is the right choice for you, and it is also always advised to follow the recommended dosing strategy by the product.

When taking a turmeric supplement, if the dosage and/or overall consumption is less than 600mg, there are no side effects generally speaking. However, once you begin to increase dosage amounts beyond that level, you may begin to see possible side effects such as diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, and an upset stomach. These are essentially your body’s way of telling you you’ve had too much and it doesn’t need the excess.

If you are unsure what the proper dosage is, consult with your medical professional and check the product packaging for the RDA (recommended dietary allowance) as well. The RDA will vary depending on age, gender and in general your activity level as well.

Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements.

Things to Look for in a Good Turmeric Supplement

Most turmeric products will have little variability in their ingredients, generally it will just be turmeric, therefore you’ll have to identify which version of turmeric is the right choice for you and look for that option. Turmeric comes in capsule forms, powders to mix with drinks, drops and more. It is also often combined with other ingredients such as ginger, which is a factor to consider.

Be sure when selecting a product to review any additional ingredients aside from turmeric, such as additional supplements, fillers, artificial additives etc. as these may carry their own side effects or dilute the quality of the product.

Finally, as with any good product decision, look for reputable brands that are backed by strong scientific backgrounds, as well as offering a strong value. A good rule of thumb in terms of comparing price and value is to evaluate the price per dose rather than overall dose, as most products will have varying sizes.

Top 10 Recommended Turmeric Products

We have put together a list of our top 10 recommended turmeric supplements. Each one has a short breakdown of its highlights, primary ingredients and usages, as well as a brief profile for the company who makes the product.

Check out all 10, and look for the best option that not only comes highly recommended but fits your individual needs and desires for a turmeric supplement. We hope you enjoy and find the best product for you!

1. Organic India Turmeric Formula

Organic India Turmeric Formula

This 100% organic whole root turmeric supplement from Organic India is one of the best turmeric supplement options on the market today. Fortified with curcuminoid extract, as well as stacked with ginger, it offers optimum effectiveness as well superior bioavailability. It also does not contain harmful additives, superfluous ingredients, as well as being gluten free and non-GMO, making it one of the best products for getting exactly what you want from a turmeric supplement.

Product Highlights and Ingredients:

  • 740mg organic turmeric rhizome
  • 160mg turmeric extract per serving (standardized for 95% cucuminoids)
  • 100mg organic ginger rhizome
  • Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and non-GMO.
  • Great bioavailability for superior absorption.
  • Full of antioxidants.
  • Affordable, making it a great value.

Company Profile:

Organic India was founded in the 1990’s from students of the renowned spiritual teach Poonja, based out of Lucknow in Northen India. Inspired by his teachings, they created a strong and sustainable brand that produces organic health products for customers around the world.

Why We Recommend It:

This turmeric supplement from Organic India is a great value, offering top-notch turmeric supplementation at an affordable price, making it one of the best options on the market. It is all-natural, fortified by ginger and offers superior bioavailability with the cucuminoids extract. All in all, it is a great product at a great value.

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2. New Chapter Turmeric Force

New Chapter Turmeric Force

USA-Based New Chapter’s Turmeric Force provides incredible anti-inflammatory properties within a simple and convenient daily capsule. It includes both curcuminoids and turmerones, both of which help to make it a superior product in terms of bioavailability and potency. In addition, it is an all-natural product with no artificial fillers or extraneous ingredients, making it a safe and effective product.

Product Highlights and Ingredients:

  • 320mg turmeric hydroethanolic extract per serving
  • 80mg organic turmeric supercritical extract
  • Made in USA
  • Only requires one pill per day
  • Includes powerful anti-oxidants
  • Non-GMO, vegetarian and gluten, dairy and soy free

Company Profile:

New Chapter has been in business for 35 years and is a natural health brand focusing on natural, whole food solutions to health and wellness. Using sustainable sourcing practices along with climate-friendly farming techniques, they practice what they preach by using all-natural ingredients and recycling all of their unused materials.

Why We Recommend It:

New Chapter’s turmeric supplement is one of the best on the market offering their reliably natural process and ingredients along with an effective product. It has superior bioavailability for improved absorption and offers all of its key benefits in only one pill per day, offering convenience as well and making it a great product overall.

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3. Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength

Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength

Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength is one of the strongest and most potent turmeric supplement options on the market. With only one pill per day, this turmeric powerhouse from Gaia Herbs is fortified with black pepper extract, which improves the bioavailability and absorption of the nutrients from the turmeric. It is also alcohol free, gluten free and dairy free, making it a clean and natural option for a powerful dose of turmeric.

Product Highlights and Ingredients:

  • 406mg turmeric root extract
  • 42mg turmeric root extract standardized for curcumins
  • 34mg turmeric root supercritical extract
  • 7mg black pepper fruit supercritical extract
  • 100% vegetarian, gluten and dairy free
  • Excellent bioavailability and absorption
  • Affordable and convenient.

Company Profile:

Gaia Herbs is a well-known and respected brand in the supplement and health industry, particularly for the purity of their products and their rigorous testing standards. While they started with, and are best known for liquid extracts from plant sources, they have continued to grow and innovate.

Why We Recommend It:

This turmeric supplement courtesy of Gaia Herbs delivers one of the more powerful per dose amounts of turmeric on the market, and combined with their all-natural and well-tested approach and superior bioavailability and absorption, this is one of the best values on the market.

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4. MegaFood Turmeric Strength For Whole Body

Megafood Turmeric Strength For Whole Body

Turmeric Strength For Whole Body from MegaFood is a tablet-form of turmeric supplement, and includes a variety of herbal and supplemental ingredients including black pepper extract for absorption, holy basil leaf extract and a rich blend of antioxidant fruits.

Product Highlights and Ingredients:

  • 700mg turmeric strength blend (481mg curcumin)
  • 350mg garden harvest fruit blend
  • 200mg holy basil leaf extract
  • 120mg FoodState Orange vitamin C
  • 3mg black pepper extract
  • One of the more powerful turmeric dosages on the market.
  • Excellent absorption
  • Non-GMO, certified vegan, gluten, dairy and soy free.
  • Is more expensive than the average market price

Company Profile:

MegaFood has been a dedicated health and wellness company since 1973. Over their many years of operation they have remained committed to improving their customer’s lives and to using all-natural products. They have also continued to innovate as well, even partnering with the University of New Hampshire for additional insight into creating the best products possible.

Why We Recommend It:

This potent product from MegaFood is one of the premium products on the market and offers some of the best possible ingredients and options available. While this is more expensive than the average turmeric supplement, it certainly offers more value than the average product with turmeric and additional antioxidants.

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5. Solgar Standardized Turmeric Root Extract

Solgar Standardized Turmeric Root Extract

Standardized Turmeric Root Extract is one of the simplest, yet effective products on the market. It delivers a high dose of turmeric in a single pill, making it convenient as well as effective. It is an ideal option if you are looking for turmeric supplement that is effective, simple and convenient.

Product Highlights and Ingredients:

  • 400mg standardized turmeric extract (93% curcuminoids)
  • Affordable and convenient
  • Non-GMO, gluten, dairy, soy, wheat and yeast free
  • Simple formula
  • May contain more fillers than most other products.

Company Profile:

Solgar is one of the oldest, most respected and trusted brands in the health and supplement industry. Having started in 1947, they have been producing “top-quality, innovative, science-based nutritional supplements to support their total health and well-being” for decades. They utilize the Solgar Gold Standard to ensure their manufacturing practices are a high quality.

Why We Recommend It:

Solgar is one of the most-respected brand names in the industry, and their turmeric supplement is a great option for those looking for a simple, affordable and convenient turmeric supplement. It is not as streamlined as other products, containing more fillers than most, but it is an excellent choice for what it is.

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6. Oregon’s Wild Harvest Turmeric

Oregons Wild Harvest Turmeric

Oregon’s Wild Harvest Turmeric is one of the strongest per dose turmeric supplements on the market, delivering 825mg or turmeric rhizome and 525mg organic turmeric rhizome in a standard three pills serving. While the serving size is larger than most, it is incredibly potent and also free of allergens and completely vegetarian, making it a potent yet pure turmeric supplement option.

Product Highlights and Ingredients:

  • 825mg turmeric rhizome (95% curcuminoids)
  • 525mg organic turmeric rhizome
  • 9mg black pepper fruit extract
  • Vegetarian and allergen free
  • More pills per dose than most options.
  • More expensive than most turmeric supplements.

Company Profile:

Oregon’s Wild Harvest is a relatively new health and wellness brand, having been launched in 1994. Founded by Randy and Pam Buresh, they focus on providing natural and holistic options for their customers with over 200 products of a high quality.

Why We Recommend It:

This turmeric supplement, from Oregon’s Wild Harvest, is one of the strongest and most potent turmeric options on the market. However, it does have a larger serving size than most and is more expensive than most other products on the market.

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7. Source Naturals Turmeric 1000

Source Naturals Turmeric 1000

Turmeric 1000 from Source Naturals is aptly named for the 1,000mg dose of turmeric it delivers in every serving. What this product lacks in diversity of turmeric sources, it makes up for in total volume of turmeric per each serving. In addition, with added black pepper extract and bromelain it is more effective and has better bioavailability for improved absorption.

Product Highlights and Ingredients:

  • 1,000mg (1g) turmeric or curcuminoids
  • 150mg bromelain
  • 10mg black pepper extract
  • Excellent bioavailability
  • Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • More expensive than other products on the market.
  • Less variety in turmeric compounds than most
  • Includes fillers and extra ingredients as compared to some other products.

Company Profile:

Source Naturals is one of the pioneers of the nutritional supplement industry. Founded in 1982, they combined herbs, nutraceuticals and nutrients for an innovative and effective approach to health as part of a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Why We Recommend It:

While it may be one of the more expensive options on the market, Source Naturals Turmeric 1000 is also one of the strongest and most potent options on the market with 1,000mg of turmeric per dose. Unfortunately, it does not have much variety in turmeric compounds and does have some fillers, but overall it is a strong product.

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7. Solaray Turmeric Root Extract

Solaray Turmeric Root Extract

Solaray Turmeric Root Extract is one of the cleanest and most reliable turmeric supplements on the market. What it lacks in potency is made up for in safety and reliability. It is GreenScreen certified, ensuring the product is manufactured using safe and effective methods.

Product Highlights and Ingredients:

  • 300mg turmeric root extract (standardized 95% curcuminoids)
  • GreenScreen certified
  • Affordable
  • Reliable brand and manufacturer
  • Lower dosage than most
  • Less variety of turmeric compounds
  • Not suitable for vegetarian’s due to gelatin content

Company Profile:

Solaray is an all-in-one nutraceutical company that manufactures, distributes, markets and sells all of their products in house. They create quality, natural and effective products by controlling every step of the process.

Why We Recommend It:

Solaray is an affordable and reliable option for a turmeric supplement. It is not quite as potent as many of the other products available, thus it is a great option for someone looking for a reliable and low-potency turmeric supplement option.

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9. Bluebonnet Nutrition Standardized Turmeric Root Extract

Bluebonnet Nutrition Standardized Turmeric Root Extract

Standardized Turmeric Root Extract from Bluebonnet Nutrition is a great option for those looking for a simple and effective turmeric supplement. At 95% curcuminoids it offers potency with 400mg but lacks in variety. It is an excellent option for vegetarians thanks to its vegetarian capsules, and can be easily implemented into your current nutritional regimen.

Product Highlights and Ingredients:

  • 400mg turmeric root extract (standardized to 95% curcuminoids)
  • vegetarian and vegan with veggie capsules
  • Sustainably harvested and free from corn, barley, rice, sugar, sodium and other allergens.
  • Less turmeric variety than some other products
  • More expensive than the average turmeric supplement.
  • Contains some fillers

Company Profile:

At 26 years in business, Bluebonnet Nutrition is an industry stalwart that is dedicated to creating and producing supplements “as close to nature as possible”. They specialize in farm to table whole food ingredients.

Why We Recommend It:

Bluebonnet Nutrition provides a good turmeric supplement due to its simplicity and effectiveness, as well as a dosage that is a great middle ground, making it effective but not overpowering. Though it is a bit more expensive than most, it is also a quality product.

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10. Nature’s Answer Turmeric-3

Natures Answer Turmeric 3

Turmeric-3 from Nature’s Answer is unique from some of the other products on the list as it comes in liquid form as compared to powder or pills. It is a concentration of three different turmeric compounds, is alcohol free and a balanced product.

Product Highlights and Ingredients:

  • 200mg turmeric extract (standardized to 95% curcuminoids)
  • Comes in drops as compared to pills or powder
  • Less convenient than pills
  • Comes in lower quantity and a lower dosage

Company Profile:

Established in 1972, Nature’s Answer is a natural supplement brand that can guarantee excellent quality and purity in their products as they both manufacture and package all of their supplements. They provide products based off holistic health methods to support a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Why We Recommend It:

Turmeric-3 is a unique product as it comes in liquid form. It is one of the more pure options on the market, however it comes in a smaller potency and number of servings than its competitors on the market.

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