Cysteine/ NAC

What is Cysteine/NAC?

NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine) is an amino acid derived from the amino acid Cysteine. Cysteine is a sulphur containing amino acid which is used to make protein and many enzymes within the body.

What does Cysteine/NAC do in the body?

Pysiologically, Cysteine/NAC is used to make Glutathione.

Why do I need Cysteine/NAC?

Cysteine/NAC is required in every cell, production and repair of protein, DNA and for the detoxification of some hormones. Your body can make Cysteine and NAC, however in times of psychical stress, you may benefit from supplementation. You cannot maintain healthy cell and body functions for our emotionally and psychically demanding lifestyles if your Cysteine and NAC levels are low. Our modern lives are full of stressors and toxins which produce oxidative damage. The food that we eat to the products that we put on our skin, all contain toxins. Combine this with reduced levels of antioxidants in our foods due to modern farming methods, and we end up with a lot of antioxidant ‘dept’.

How do I take Cysteine/ NAC?

Cysteine/NAC is available on its own or in a liver support or antioxidant formulations. If you want to use Cysteine/NAC as a therapeutic agent, it is best to take it on an empty stomach with a carbohydrate snack such as a piece of fruit. Proteins which are broken down into amino acids compete for absorption with each other, so taking it away from protein allows your body to utilise more Cysteine/NAC.

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