What is Glutamine?

Glutamine, also known as Aminoglutamic acid, is an amino acid found in animal and plant protein sources. It is an amino acid that the body can produce, however sometimes; due to illness or trauma we lose the ability to produce it and require it from food or supplementation.

What does Glutamine do in the body?

Glutamine is found abundantly in skeletal muscle. It makes up part of your bodies pH balance and is used in the production of protein within the body.

Why do I need Glutamine?

After surgery or illness, your body may need a helping hand to recover. Glutamine provides a direct food source to the cells in your intestines. People with gut disorders or peptic ulcers often supplement with glutamine.

How do I take Glutamine supplements?

Glutamine is available as an amino acid in a capsule. It is also available in amino acid blends. If you want to use glutamine as a therapeutic agent, it is best to take it on an empty stomach which a carbohydrate snack such as a piece of fruit. Proteins which are broken down into amino acids compete for absorption with each other, so taking it away from protein allows your body to utilise more glutamine. Dosage range from 200-1000mg

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