What are medicinal mushrooms?

Medicinal mushrooms are a type of fungus that grows in dark, damp places. There is over 140,000 species of mushrooms worldwide. Their use dates back to ancient Egyptians and ancient China. They are different to supermarket mushrooms as they are prized for their beta-glucan and polysaccharide content. They are traditionally used for a wide range of ailments.

What do medicinal mushrooms do in the body?

Medicinal mushrooms contain polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrates, starch, glycogen and dextrin. Medicinal mushrooms also contain Beta glucans. The human body does not naturally produce Beta glucans, and so must rely on dietary or supplemental sources. Currently over 100 species are being studied by scientists for their health benefits. Many medicines are derived from fungi, such as penicillin, streptomycin and tetracycline, as well as lovastatin and mevastatin. The most common medicinal mushrooms are: Cordyceps Shiitake Maitake Reishi Coriolus Oyster Chaga Turkey tail

Why do I need medicinal mushrooms?

Many people are dissatisfied with the current orthodox health care system, and look in nature, long traditions and ancient wisdom for a natural alternative. Many Chinese herbalists, western herbalists, Ayurveda medicine practitioners and Nutritional Therapists and Naturopaths use medicinal mushrooms as part of their health protocol. Comprehensive books are available on the use of medicinal mushrooms if you would like further reading. It is best to do some in depth reading or consultation with a natural medicine practitioner before making a selection.

How do I take mushrooms supplements?

Medicinal mushrooms sometimes come in blends to target specific ailments. They are also available individually in capsules and powders. Some mushrooms are available whole and are dehydrated. They can be rehydrated and added to foods. It may seem like a good idea to collect your own medicinal mushrooms, however this is a bad idea as many mushrooms look similar, and some can be fatal, so it is best to buy them from a reputable company such as Nutri Centre or take an in-depth course in mushroom identification.

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