Olive Leaf

What is Olive Leaf?

Olive leaf is a bitter herb that is native to the Mediterranean. It is also known as Olea europaea. Oleau europaea is the active agent in olive leaves and is what gives olives and leaves their bitter taste. The leaves are powdered and encapsulated or, the active component is extracted and intensified into a liquid.

What does Olive Leaf do in the body?

Helps to maintain a normal blood pressure. Protects cells against oxidation and free radical damage. It is traditionally used in people who have viral infections.

Why do I need Olive Leaf?

Every bodily function causes some sort of oxidation, from breathing to moving. It is important to consume enough substances that help protect your cells form oxidative damage. Olive leaf is a highly potent substance that may offer some protection to cells. High blood pressure can cause major health issues among many people if left untreated. It is beneficial to monitor your blood pressure frequently when using olive leaves as a therapeutic agent. When we come under attack from viruses and pathogens, sometimes our immune system struggle to cope with the burden. Olive leaves are traditionally used to support people with viral infections.

How do I take Olive Leaf?

Olive leaf comes in tinctures as olive leaf extract or in capsules as dried olive leaves.

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