Red Rice Yeast

What is red yeast rice?

Red yeast rice is a type of fungus that grows on rice. It is part of the staple diet in Asian countries. It is also used as a colouring in some Chinese foods. The active ingredient is Monacolin K.

What does red yeast rice do in the body?

The active ingredient in red yeast rice is Monacolin K. This is very similar to the active ingredient in some statins. It contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

Why do I need red rice yeast?

Red yeast rice is a natural alternative to conventional statins, however always check with your nutritionist and doctor first. Many people have high cholesterol, particularly the elderly, and when too high it can put you at risk of cardiovascular disease. If your total cholesterol level is 5mmol/L for healthy adults and 4mmol/L of adults at risk, your GP may want to reduce your level. Many people wish to choose an alternative option to manage their cholesterol levels.

How do I take red yeast rice?

It should not be taken with statins, as they work in the same way. As with conventional statins, you should take an extra CoQ10 supplement, because both conventional statins and Red yeast rice may decrease the level of Coq10 in the body. Red yeast rice should be taken with a meal.

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