What are women’s supplements?

Women’s supplements are specifically designed for women throughout each life stage. From PMT supplements to hormone balancing and menopause and the mature lady, there is a range for everyone.

What do women’s supplements do in the body?

From the moment a girl reaches puberty, and the onset of menstruation, her nutrition requirement changes. She will need a little more iron to facilitate the loss of blood each month. A good multivitamin designed for women has specifically calculated and monthly iron losses have been accounted for. Some women require some extra support with PMT and PMS. These supplements often combine a mix of herbs and nutrients such as Angus Cactus, magnesium and folic acid. We supply supplements for pre-conception, pregnancy and for breast feeding. Ensuring that you have the right nutrition before going into pregnancy is essential for your own health and the health of your future baby. Pregnancy supplements are vital for an optimally healthy pregnancy. During lactation is another important time to have good nutrition. Your breast milk is only as good as your nutritional intake! For complete pre-conception, pregnancy and lactation nutrition chooses a muti-nutrient designed for each stage combined with a fish oil which is high in DHA. DHA is important for the brain development of the foetus and in children. Menopause is another time when some women benefit from some support. Common ingredients include: Shatavari, Dong Qui, Angus Cactus, Inositol, soy isoflavones and red clover. Other female supplements are designed for woman who have gone through the menopause and are out the other side. They contain less iron than other supplements because they take into account the lack of menstruation. Other women specific supplements include vaginal live cultures, for both vaginal application and to be taken orally. Live culture and garlic creams can also be used in and around the vagina for optimum vaginal health.

Why do I need women’s supplements?

Specific life stage supplements are beneficial because they are tailored to individual life stage needs.

How do I take women’s supplements?

The method of administration varies for each product, so unless otherwise advised, follow the guidance on the packet.

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